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Last Updated: 31 Jan 2023

International Money Transfers from Canada

Are you looking for fast, secure, and cheapest international money transfers from Canada? Then, get all-in-one global payment solutions from MTFX.

According to World Bank KNOMAD remittance data1, Canada's international money transfer market is booming.

In 2015 outward remittance flows were just over $5 million, but they were at $7.2 million in 2021, with a projected continued increase. That means more and more people like you are looking to send money internationally daily.

At MTFX, we ensure you enjoy only the best international transfers when sending money abroad from Canada.

Need to make an international money transfer, but want to avoid expensive bank charges? Try MTFX

Looking for the Best Ways to Send Money Internationally?

There are two main options if you’re planning to move money from your Canadian bank account to a foreign one. You can do it through your bank or a specialist provider. Choosing your provider carefully could save you money, time, and a lot of hassle.

Banks and Traditional Financial Institutions

Many people naturally consider their bank when sending money abroad. The only issue is that banks don’t specialize in international payments. Instead, they’re the go-to guy if you need a new bank account or mortgage or want to withdraw/deposit cash.

Going to the bank for international transfers is like going to a Mexican restaurant and ordering a pizza. They might accommodate you, but your needs won’t be at the top of the menu.

If you need specialty service, your best option is a specialist provider like MTFX.

Specialist International Money Transfer Providers

MTFX offers an easy way to move money from your bank account to a foreign one. When it comes to sending money overseas from Canada, you might say it’s our claim to fame.

Your international money transfer needs are our only priority and singular focus. We have dedicated currency specialists happy to offer tailored guidance so that you can send money quickly and cost-effectively.

Go ahead and leverage our expert knowledge in the area of foreign exchange and global payments. Save a pretty penny and simplify your overseas money transactions in one go.

Make Smart International Money Moves

Choose the Cheapest, Safest, Easiest, and Fastest Option.

If you’re planning to use MTFX on your next transfer, you may ask, is it cheap? Safe? Easy? Fast? The answer is yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Let’s look at four different ways to make your money go further with MTFX:

MTFX vs. The Bank: Exchange rates

✔️ Our clients come to us because they’re looking for the cheapest way to transfer money internationally.

✔️ MTFX’s transparency ensures you always know the actual cost of FX and how much you save when using our services.

✔️ Our exchange rates are typically 3-5% lower than banks, coupled with low transfer fees to make the most of your money.

MTFX vs. The Bank: Transfer fees

✔️ International money transfers don’t have to be complicated. MTFX offers the shortest path to a wide range of global payment solutions – from batch payments to multi-currency accounts and more in between.

✔️ You can create your account in less than five minutes, and our dedicated currency specialists will ensure the online platform is tailored to your needs.

✔️ Once you’re set up, you have 24/7 access to your account and can conveniently send money online from anywhere at the touch or click of a button.

MTFX vs. The Bank: Processing speed

✔️ The best international transfer method ensures your money arrives on time.

✔️ That’s why you should skip the bank because it could take as long as five business days or more, especially if the money passes through intermediary banks.

✔️ In contrast, it usually takes MTFX 24-48 hours to move funds. We also offer same-day, almost-instant transfers for urgent transactions.

MTFX vs. The Bank: Payment experience

✔️ MTFX cares about your money just as much as you do. We specialize in large transfers, and our online platform is 100% secure, whether you’re looking to buy property overseas or settle an international invoice.

✔️ MTFX is regulated by FINTRAC, and we have built tremendous trust with our clients through reliable services for over 25 years.

MTFX vs. The Bank: Safety

✔️ Great exchange rates

✔️ Convenient online transfers

✔️ Reliable and reputable services

✔️ Fast and quick transactions


The Magic of MTFX

Once upon a time, sending money abroad was a complicated, expensive, and lengthy task. People had no option but to deal with hidden charges and laborious, manual paperwork.

But then the market rapidly evolved when specialist money transfer operators like MTFX emerged and started differentiating themselves from their competitors with attractive FX costs and low, transparent fees.

From the start, our goal has always been to attack the high costs that traditional financial institutions charge. We do this by helping customers understand the real cost of overseas transfers through transparent pricing.

For over 25 years, we have succeeded in disrupting the international money transfer market. We make magic happen on slimmer margins because we have made FX and global payments our sole business function and core strength.

Our clients can now enjoy faster, cheaper, and value-added foreign money transfer services thanks to our efforts.

Real Exchange Rates - Real Value for your Money

Navigating exchange rates is trickier if you’re dealing with banks. That's because banks tend to charge the highest fees they can get away with, which often means built-in hidden costs within the exchange rate you get.

For example, your bank might offer a no-fee international money transfer, but all they have done is move the costs from one hand to another. You’re still overpaying because of the high exchange rate markup.

This exchange rate markup is the difference between the mid-market exchange rate and the rate offered, and your bank pockets the profits. At MTFX, we don’t formulate our exchange rates. Instead, we use the fair, mid-market exchange rate – the real or truest exchange rate.

So, trust us when we say our exchange rates beat the bank every time. We outshine the banks because we trade large quantities of currency. Hence, we can still offer the best possible exchange rates and stay afloat.


Free Currency Converter | Check and Compare Foreign Exchange Rates

FX rates change every moment. So be sure to give our rate calculator a spin before you initiate your transaction. Get real-time rates with this easy-to-use tool.

View Rate Calculator

Low Transfer Fees for Even Better Value

MTFX not only offers the real rate at any given time, but our fees are also attractive. There are no hidden fees in any shape or form. Our platform is purely digital, with hardly any overheads to speak of.

Since our costs are minimal, we’re happy to minimize costs for you. This is especially important for regular overseas transfers where the fees add up over time.

With MTFX, the only thing that will add up is your savings. So, the more you transfer with us – the more you save.

Get the Best Rates with MTFX | Enjoy your Savings

Send money overseas with MTFX today. Get rates 3-5% lower than banks, plus competitive transfer fees.



Moving Money Across Borders? Pick your Destination

With MTFX, you can send money in 100+ currencies to 200+ countries. Here are some of our more popular destinations.

The United States

Discover how to send money to the USA from Canada quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

Send money from Canada to the US the best way with MTFX.

The United Kingdom

Send money to the UK and enjoy excellent exchange rates and low transfer fees.

Convert your Canadian dollars to pounds and get more value.


Wondering how to send money from Canada to Australia?

Your dedicated account manager is here to provide expert, tailored guidance.


Looking to send money to India from Canada?

Do it online with MTFX – it’s the best way to send money from Canada to India.


Send money to Mexico online anytime, anywhere.

Our 24/7 secure platform is easy to use and easy to access.


Our helpful guide will show you how to send money to China to pay suppliers.

Send money to China today with MTFX and save without missing a beat.

South Africa

You can also send money to South Africa from Canada with MTFX.

Your recipient gets more when you convert Canadian dollars to Rand.

And More…

Join MTFX, where you can send over 100 currencies to more than 200 countries.

Additional popular destinations include New Zealand, Poland, Japan, France, Italy, and the Eurozone.


Reasons to Send Money Abroad from Canada

Our customers have a wide range of reasons for moving money across borders, and we accommodate them all.

As currency specialists, we have a better perspective on what motivates people to send money overseas. This enables us to offer tailored international transfer services and guidance for each scenario.

MTFX Works for Every Reason you Need it for

Take a look at the popular reasons for sending money abroad from Canada. We have prepared some helpful guides to make life easier for you, whatever your reason.

Move Money Abroad as an Individual or Business

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding abroad or looking to reduce the cost of doing business internationally, MTFX has got you covered. You can open an account as an individual or business owner, and we will help you move your money to its intended destination.

Our global payment solutions for businesses include multi-currency accounts, batch payments, and the ability to receive foreign exchange payments from your international clients.

Reasons to Use MTFX on your Next Transfer

Here’s why you should choose MTFX:

1. Benefit from the Lowest Rates and Fees Around

Our attractive pricing is designed to save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on every transaction.

2. Enjoy a Transparent and Reliable Service

We’re fair and transparent. There are no fees to hide and nowhere to hide them since we use the mid-market rate, which is the real rate.

3. Navigate Exchange Rate Mood Swings Easily

MTFX has a wide range of free tools to help you transfer large amounts of currency at the best rates. The list includes:

4. Get Expert Guidance from Real People

Our customer service is unrivaled. Your MTFX account comes with a personal account manager – a real person – to answer any questions or concerns and ensure the online currency platform suits your needs.

5. Use Proprietary Technology for Cheaper and Faster Transfers

Easy does it with MTFX’s cleanly designed online platform that lets you send money anytime, anywhere. Time is money, so you get better value when MTFX gets your money where it needs to go on time.

6. Rest assured your Canadian Dollars are Safe and Secure

Using our reliable and reputable services means you can transact with confidence. Our fully secure online platform is powered by the latest technological innovations, and we are regulated by FINTRAC.

Trust us to protect your money whenever it’s on the move.

See How We Compare to Popular Banks

How Much Does it Cost to Transfer Money Internationally?

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to transfer money internationally, you’re in the right place. MTFX is one of the best international money transfer options, offering excellent exchange rates and low transfer fees to make the most of your money.

Here’s a great example of how much more your money is worth when converting CAD $25,000 to USD with MTFX vs. The banks.

You, Too, Could Save Thousands on Bank Charges

Skip the Bank, try MTFX

As you can see, money transfer rates vary from place to place. Most providers, especially banks, use a cooked-up exchange rate with an additional percentage to make a profit. The markup means your money transfer costs more, and your recipient gets less.

Besides the exchange rate markup, you should watch out for expensive upfront fees charged by banks.

Move over to MTFX, where you get low fees combined with the “no-frills” exchange rate. Our currency specialists will help you understand how the FX market works and how to find the best rate every time.

Ready to Send?

Check out our Step-by-Step Guide

Every international money transfer from Canada is quick and easy with MTFX.

Step 1: Open your Free Account

New to MTFX? Open an account in minutes for free. You can monitor live exchange rates and add funds to your account via bank transfer or bill payment.

Step 2: Tell us the Details

Choose your amount and currency. Here are the bank details required for your international money transfer:

    Beneficiary name, address, and account number
    Bank name, address, and Swift code
    Reason for transfer

Step 3: Watch as we Deliver your Money

That's how simple it is. All that’s left is tracking your international money transfer, so you always stay in the know.

Send Money Abroad Online from Canada

Wondering how to transfer money internationally online? MTFX keeps the process straightforward. Enjoy the convenience of moving money online with our easy-to-use, secure platform, accessible 24/7.

That means you can transfer money in the comfort of your home and office or on the go using any smart device. Sending money abroad online is easier than ever!

Enjoy Swift Transfers Every Time

Are you looking for the fastest way to transfer money internationally?  Our efficient technological operation has made online international transfers, quick and simple.

You can benefit from fast money transfers every time. The latest automated payment technologies ensure making regular transfers is a breeze. Plus, your money arrives within 24-48 hours or sooner if you opt for a same-day transfer.

Experience fast and reliable international money transfers with MTFX


Transfer Money Internationally Today. Get Superb Rates from MTFX

Looking for the best way to send money abroad from Canada? Try MTFX now.

✓ Best for cheap costs
✓ Best for sending large amounts
✓ Best for fast delivery, online transfers
✓ Best international money transfer experience

Open an Account with MTFX Today | Foreign Exchange and Global Payments

Registering your account to unlock these benefits, takes less than five minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions about International Money Transfers from Canada


What is an international money transfer?

International money transfers are payments initiated in one country and settled in another. Thus, they are more complex than domestic transfers since different currencies, and monetary systems are involved.

MTFX is a registered money transfer operator (MTO) that converts and transfers your money quickly, easily, and securely.

What is the best way to send money internationally from Canada?

MTFX is one of the top international money transfer services for anyone looking to send money abroad from Canada.

We offer great exchange rates, low transfer fees, and expert guidance from dedicated currency specialists.

Can I transfer money online from Canada?

Yes. Registering your MTFX individual or business account takes less than five minutes. In addition, you can access the currency transfer platform 24/7 and send money from anywhere on any device.

Once you transact, you can also track the international money transfer online until it arrives.

How do I send money abroad from Canada?

The international money transfer process is quick and simple with the right provider. When using MTFX, the first step is to sign up for free online. Then, log in to your account, choose the amount and destination, and add your recipient’s details.

Once you load funds and pay, we will take it from there, but you’ll still be able to track your transfer in your account.

How long does it take to send money internationally from Canada?

It usually takes MTFX 24-48 hours to deliver funds. Same-day, almost-instant transfers are also available for urgent transfers.

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