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Sending Money to Australia from Canada

Discover how to get more Australian dollars compared to your bank when sending money from Canada to Australia. 

Businesses that transfer money from Canada to Australia can avoid the sting of high fees by using a specialist money transfer service.  
Many Canadian businesses regularly purchase agricultural goods, chemicals, plastics, metals, medical goods, machinery, and other services from Australian suppliers. There are also numerous Canadian investments in Australia that require businesses to transfer money to The Land Down Under. 
However, when making transfers to Australia via banks, the exchange rates are typically 3-5% higher, not to mention the costly bank charges and long transfer times. 
Fortunately, there’s a way to get more Australian dollars compared to your bank when sending money from Canada to Australia. Read on to discover the best money transfer service you can use to access competitive exchange rates. 

Read on to discover the best money transfer service you can use to  access competitive exchange rates and send money from Canada to Australia. 

What is the best way to send money to Australia from Canada?

International bank transfers have been around for a while. Sending money through your regular bank is convenient but it comes with several downsides. For instance, the cost of transferring money via banks can be quite high. Apart from that, banks also take about three to five days to process a transfer. In today’s world, where everyone expects everything to be lightning-fast, three days is a long time to wait for money to get to its destination. In fact, this can actually get in the way of the smooth running of your business.  

On the other hand, a speedy and efficient foreign exchange and global payments service like MFTX can speed things up and help you stay on top of business operations. Here are the pros you need to know about: 

  • Better exchange rates guaranteed. MTFX offers some of the most competitive rates you can find. At 3-5% lower than local banks, you get amazing savings. For instance, you can save up to 1900usd (or 5%) when sending 50,000 CAD.  
  • Get more value for your money. Not only will you get the best transparent fees, but you will also get fast transfers at the best rates online.  
  • Much lower transfer costs. MTFX offers very competitive rates. You can save thousands of dollars each year when sending money to Australia. 
  • Fast turnaround times. There’s no need to wait for up to five days for your transfer to go through. Your beneficiaries in Australia will receive the money within 24-48 hours. 


What is the current Australian to Canadian Dollar Rate?


Where is the AUD/CAD exchange rate heading?

 In the past year, the Australian dollar has been sent lower against the Canadian dollar. This is largely due to two large influences over the Australian dollar - commodity prices and interest rates. The strength and weakness of the Australian dollar have also been impacted by the value of the Canadian dollar. Since the Canadian dollar keeps getting stronger in its own right, it’s highly likely that the AUD to CAD exchange rate will fall. 

What is the AUD/ CAD trend?

For more insight on the AUD/CAD trends and exchange rate forecast, you can check out the AUD/CAD currency charts. You will notice that since 2012, the AUD/CAD FX pair has been falling.  

How to send money to Australia from Canada

There are quite a few reasons why you might end up choosing MTFX instead of international bank transfers. Generally, when you are sending money, you want there to not be too much of a gap between the money that you pay and the amount received by your beneficiary. With MTFX, you get this and much more. Not only will you save money, but you will also enjoy speedier transfers and friendly, 24/7 customer support. 

MTFX is one of the most efficient services you can use to send money to Australia from Canada. Your beneficiary will be able to cash out within 24 hours. To top it off, you will also get free access to a personal account manager so you can enjoy an error-free send money process.  

Security is always a concern when sending your money. Fortunately, MTFX is a secure platform, so your money will be safe, and it will get to its destination intact. 

How long does sending money to Australia from Canada take? 

 Get more Australian dollars compared to your bank in 24-48 hrs with no amount limits.  

What bank details are needed to transfer money to Australia from Canada?

When sending money to Australia from Canada, here are the details you will need: 

  • Your beneficiary’s names, address, and account number 
  • Name and address of the bank 
  • Bank Swift code 
  • Reason for transfer  

Send money to Australia today

 Do you need to send money to your family, or do you need to complete a business transaction? Whatever your reason for wanting to send money from Canada to Australia, you can get better value for your money when you use MTFX. 

How efficient is MTFX? This service has a super-fast turnaround, and you can set up multiple transfers. Whether you want to transfer Canadian dollars for supplier payments, orders, property purchases, monthly rentals, or mortgage payments, MTFX has you covered. 

Create a business account with MTFX online today to transfer to Australia at the cheapest exchange rates with the highest convenience. 

Popular Countries to send money to from Canada;

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Individuals and businesses who need to send money in foreign currency internationally can use MTFX’s services. The beneficiary of the transfer must have a bank account for the funds to be paid into. Personal clients usually use our services to transfer money between their own accounts in two different countries. Business clients usually use our services to transfer funds to suppliers, fund international operations, or repatriate overseas earnings.
MTFX offers currency exchange rates that are 2-5% better than those offered by the banks. Personal clients usually save hundreds of dollars per transfer and for larger transfers, the savings can run into the thousands. We also offer excellent customer service, dedicated currency specialists, and a 24/7 online platform with best-in-class technology that allows you to complete transfers from any device virtually anywhere in the world. Business customers save with better currency exchange rates and proven solutions geared towards managing and mitigating foreign exchange risk. Our solutions include forward contracts, market orders, rate alert services, and much more - all backed by great technology and great people.
Funds can be transferred via wire transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or ACH payment services. MTFX maintains bank accounts in all major currencies with highly-rated banks. Our banking infrastructure ensures that you can transfer funds to us quickly and securely.
Our global network of banking partners allows us to get funds to virtually anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently. Most wire transfers from MTFX will be received by your beneficiary within 24-48 hours. MTFX also offers same-day transfers that are almost instantaneous, as well as low-cost in-country payment services for your less urgent transfers. For further information please speak to one of our currency specialists.