About Us

Transfer funds in 100+ currencies to over 140 countries globally.
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About Us

Incredibly competitive exchange rates, low transfer fees, great technology and awesome support

Since our launch in 1996, MTFX Group has grown to be one of the largest and most respected foreign exchange and global payment solution providers.

We’ve built our reputation on amazing people and great technology. Our blend of “high-tech / high-touch” solutions has allowed us to become a leader in online foreign exchange by offering both personal and business clients the best possible services and solutions.

MTFX’s client base includes individuals, small to medium-sized companies, large multi-national corporations, educational institutions, law firms, travel firms, charities, credit unions and banks. Our solutions span multiple industries in just about every business category.

About us – currency exchange services

Currency Exchange Services

About us – global payments

Global Payments

If you’re looking for a fast, easy and secure means to send money anywhere in the world, look no further than MTFX. We maintain a growing network of banking partners all over the world to ensure that your funds arrive wherever they need to go as quickly as possible. 


We support payments to 140+ countries around the world and offer multiple payment channels to our customers including same-day transfers, international wire transfers, and in-country payment channels in 85+ countries.

About us – great technology

Great Technology

About us – MTFX’s two simple rules

MTFX’s Two Simple Rules

We want to ensure that we provide you with fantastic value on every transaction by offering fast, simple and secure ways to send money internationally at transparent and competitive exchange rates.


We are determined to provide a superior level of customer service to all our clients ensuring that every transaction not only meets but exceeds the level of service you expect from us.

About us – mission & guarantee

Mission & Guarantee