We have exclusively worked with MTFX for +15 years utilizing their entire suite of solutions for international business payments, always receiving the best in market rates. Their team of market experts are the best in the business and their customer experience is unparalleled. They help us mitigate risk, international payments processing and settlements as well as developing strategies to keep our business on the right track.

Hylton Karon
President and CEO
Coconut Groves Intimates | iFabric Corp
Industry: Textiles, PPE | Solutions:  
Risk management,
forward contracts,
global payments

Having an online business marketplace gives us access to customers all over the globe. To ensure we can manage business growth while controlling FX risk when selling overseas, we found MTFX to be the only solution for us. Their solutions protect us from market risk and their global payment solutions help our business to run smoothly while protecting our cash flow.

Jason Gonclaves
Perma Brands Corporation

Ensuring that we protect our business from market volatility and currency exchange risk is why we chose to work with the team at MTFX. Their solutions for risk management are customized specifically for our needs. This matched with having access to market rates that always beat the bank has kept our relationship ongoing year after year.

Paul Harjono
Tortech Group of Companies
Industry: Computer hardware | Solutions:  
Market orders,
forward contracts,
currency exchange

Our business requires us to be able to meet the demands of our customers at any time, day or night. Our processes need to be simple, fast, and cost-effective to be successful. Thus, we have the same expectations for our international payment’s provider. This is exactly why we chose MTFX.

Richard Caldwell
Founder and CEO
SOS Floral

To grow our business into new markets we chose MTFX to manage our risk exposure. We compared everyone in the industry for the best rates and MTFX always came on top. MTFX solutions that they customized specially for our business support our growth across borders.

June Yamamoto
UNI-RAM Corporation
Industry: Industrial manufacturing | Solutions:  
Currency exchange,
spot contracts,
forward contracts

Our business is international. To continue to grow our business overseas, while mitigating risk and protecting our cash flow, we work with MTFX. Their market rates and solutions for global payments help support our goals of growing our revenues when doing business overseas.

Cora Gomez
NP Group
Industry: Wholesaler/distributor | Solutions:  
Currency exchange,
global payments

MTFX is my go-to solution for our currency exchange needs. They always have the best price and the best customer experience. We look to MTFX for all our currency exchange needs in order to make the most cost-efficient exchanges for our business.

Jack Greenburg
Principal Lawyer
The Law Offices of Jack Greenburg
Industry: Legal | Solutions:  
Currency exchange

Our business is global, and we chose MTFX as our global payments partner to protect us from the volatile exchange marketplace. We utilize their solutions for risk mitigation and global payments processing to ensure we keep our business on track, no matter which country or currency we are working in.

Eli Abitbol
Founder and CEO
Gateways International

The vast amount of currencies and countries that MTFX has access to is exactly why we chose them for our global payments business. Our high-end offerings require us to exchange large volumes on an ever-evolving basis and MTFX constantly has the best rates in the industry to protect our business from market volatility.

Roman Cholasta
Minotti Toronto
Industry: Boutique furniture distributors | Solutions:  
Forward contracts

Using MTFX’s international tuition payments solution, PayMyTuition, was seamless to implement. PayMyTuition directly integrated into our student information system and the dashboard was easy to use as it helped our staff see the real-time status of student tuition payments at anytime.

Carly Crosson
Manager, Accounting – Revenue
Thompson Rivers University
Industry: Education | Solutions:  
Incoming payments,
international payments
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Let us watch the market for you

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