Risk Management

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How certain are your profits?

Risk management – forward contracts

Forward Contracts

Secure an exchange rate today for future transactions. A forward contract allows you to budget and forecast expenses with certainty while providing complete protection against unfavourable exchange rate movements.

Risk management – market orders

Market Orders

Market orders allow you to take advantage of market movements and target exchange rates that are better than current rates and protect against adverse downside currency risk.

Risk management – rate alerts

Rate Alerts

Our free personalized rate alerts help you monitor currency trends. When your currency pair reaches your desired rate we will send you an email or SMS alert. Keep informed of market movements to ensure that you get the best possible rate on your currency conversion.

Live Currency Rates

5 Steps to Hedging

5 steps to hedging – step one

Understand your foreign currency exposure.

5 steps to hedging – step two

Develop a risk management plan.

5 steps to hedging – step three

Choose the right tools and execute.

5 steps to hedging – step four

Evaluate and adapt your strategy.

5 steps to hedging – step five

Let the policy drive the hedging decision, not the market rate.