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Send Money to France

Send Money to France

Here’s why sending money from Canada to France using a currency exchange specialist is Le best option: Fast payments, great exchange rates, low transfer fees, and voila! 

When sending money to France, using banks often means accepting unfavorable exchange rates. If you want to avoid sky-high transfer costs that rival the Eiffel Tower, it’s best to look for more favourable options. This is especially so if you have suppliers or vendors in France. 

The more reasons you have to send money to France, the more you can save if you secure a favourable exchange rate. Although many Canadians have previously used banks to transfer money to France, using a foreign exchange and payment solutions provider is now a la mode.  

Why the EUR/CAD exchange rate matters?

France switched from the French Franc to the Euro in 2002. The Euro is the second most traded currency in the world. If you need to transfer money to a French beneficiary, you can get a higher ROI by looking for the most favourable currency conversion. 

The relationship between the Canadian dollar and the Euro is always shifting, so it pays to keep current with the EUR/CAD trend. You can easily locate your target rate and keep more of your money amid all the fluctuations. 

Sending money via MTFX means you can make the best-informed decision using the live currency rate calculator. Check rates in real-time before you transfer money to France. 

What is the best way to send money to France?

If you’re looking for a quick, cost-effective, and secure way to send money from Canada to France, your best bet is to use a foreign exchange and currency conversion specialist. Traditionally, many people have relied on banks for these services, but innovative alternatives are now available at less cost. 

For instance, with MTFX, you typically get rates that are 3-5% lower. So, for every CAD 10,000 you send to France, you can save up to $500, which adds up to $ 5,000 for every $100,000.  

Remember, skipping the banks also means you don’t have to pay high transfer fees or additional bank fees, so your business coffers get richer.  

To seal the deal, transferring funds takes as little as 24 hours or 48 hours, so you get more time savings than banks, which often take five working days or more to transfer your funds. 

What bank details are needed to transfer money to France?

Here’s what you need when sending money to France from Canada: 

  • Beneficiary name 
  • Beneficiary account number (IBAN number) 
  • Beneficiary address 
  • Bank name 
  • Bank Swift code 
  • Bank address 
  • Reason for sending money  

Can I send money to a French bank account online?

Oui! The first step is registering a secure online business account on the MTFX platform. Once you log in, you can move your money to France with just a few clicks anywhere and anytime in Canada.  

Managing your overseas payments has never been easier with MTFX automation technologies that enable hands-free transfers. 

Who uses MTFX to send money to France?

Companies and individuals can both use MTFX to transfer money to France. 


  • Send money to family, friends, or yourself in France 
  • Pay for studies in France 
  • Transfer money to France for investment purposes 
  • Send money when moving to France 


  • Make supplier payments to France 
  • Import goods or services from France 
  • Make other business investments in France 

Send money to France today

Whether sending money to France is an everyday affair or a once-off deal, you can still save money with MTFX. Overall, you can expect: 

  • Great efficiency – Fast turnaround and automated Euro transfers to various French beneficiaries.
  • Comprehensive assistance – You can get expert guidance from an account manager and access a wide range of foreign exchange tools such as the MTFX rate currency alert
  • Secure platform – The MTFX online platform is highly secure and available 24/7 for your convenience. 

Register with MTFX today for your secure online business account to start sending money to France. 

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