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Send Money to New Zealand

Send Money to New Zealand

If you’re sending money from Canada to New Zealand, it’s crucial to find NZD/CAD competitive exchange rates that leave you with less out-of-pocket. 

There are many Canadian expats living in New Zealand. If you have also decided to make a life among the Kiwis and plan to enjoy New Zealand’s abundant sunshine, that’s a good reason to send money from Canada to New Zealand.  

Other reasons include paying for tuition, mortgage payments for a home in New Zealand, sending money to family and friends, and paying for travel or business investments. Regardless of your reason for moving money to New Zealand, it’s essential to find a competitive exchange rate that keeps your costs to a minimum.  

Usually, a specialist money transfer service is your best bet compared to banks if you want better value when converting your Canadian dollars to New Zealand dollars. 

How to Send Money to New Zealand from Canada

When you need to transfer money to a New Zealand bank account, using a bank might seem like the most convenient option. However, if you want a better deal that combines low exchange rates, reasonable fees, and quick turnaround times, the smart choice would be to use a specialist foreign exchange service. 

For instance, MTFX is a more cost-effective choice that offers bank-beating rates to save you 3-5% per transfer. If you’re converting $30,000 Canadian dollars, you can expect to save between $900-$1,500, and your savings increase significantly if you need to make regular transfers.  

Sending money through such a service makes even more sense because you have access to many tools and experts that help you streamline your international payments processes.  


What is the current New Zealand Dollar NZD to CAD rate?

What is the current New Zealand Dollar NZD to CAD rate?


Where is the NZD/CAD Exchange Rate Heading?

Say you’re planning to enjoy the Sky Tower and Maori culture in Auckland or have a destination wedding scheduled at a New Zealand resort, the NZD/CAD exchange rate may be the last thing on your mind. Yet, knowing where the exchange rate is headed allows you to capitalize on great rates that leave you with more money to spend on your travel or wedding. 

Even if you have business investments to make in New Zealand, tracking the exchange rate before sending money is a financially savvy way to boost your bottom line. The best exchange rate can help you save thousands of dollars on international money transfers. Using tools like MTFX’s currency charts is a convenient way to keep your eye on the NZD/CAD exchange rate’s movements. 

CALL TO ACTION: What is the NZD/CAD trend? Check out the latest currency charts for this currency pair for a better chance of locking in a more favorable rate. 

What Information do I Need to Send Money to New Zealand from Canada?

Besides your personal or business details, here’s what you need to make an international money transfer to NZ from Canada: 

  • Beneficiary name 
  • Beneficiary contact details 
  • Beneficiary account number 
  • Bank name 
  • Bank address 
  • Bank Swift code 
  • Reason for your transfer  

Who can use MTFX to Transfer Money to New Zealand?

Both companies and individuals can use MTFX to transfer money to New Zealand from Canada. 

  • Individuals. As an individual, you can use MTFX to send money to your family, friends, or your bank account in New Zealand. You can also send money for investment purposes or if you’re studying or moving to Germany. 
  • Companies. Companies typically require MTFX’s services when making supplier payments to New Zealand, importing goods or services from New Zealand, or making payments to New Zealand. 

How to Make Regular Money Transfers from Canada

Making regular payments is necessary if you have to make monthly mortgage payments to an New Zealand lender, pay tuition to a university every semester, or for other similar reasons. The excellent news is making regular, online payments to New Zealand is straightforward. 

You can set up regular payments via your personal or business account, thanks to MTFX automation technologies. The MTFX online platform is secure and quickly accessible 24/7. 

Send money to New Zealand from Canada today

MTFX is one of the best foreign exchange and global payments services that provides maximum value for each payment. The highlights of this service include competitive exchange rates, low transfer fees, free expert guidance, foreign exchange tools, and fast turnaround times of between 24-48 hours. With all this and more, you can make the most of your money and reduce costs when sending money internationally. 

Register with MTFX today and open your personal or business account to start enjoying the highest convenience or efficiency.

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Individuals and businesses who need to send money in foreign currency internationally can use MTFX’s services. The beneficiary of the transfer must have a bank account for the funds to be paid into. Personal clients usually use our services to transfer money between their own accounts in two different countries. Business clients usually use our services to transfer funds to suppliers, fund international operations, or repatriate overseas earnings.
MTFX offers currency exchange rates that are 2-5% better than those offered by the banks. Personal clients usually save hundreds of dollars per transfer and for larger transfers, the savings can run into the thousands. We also offer excellent customer service, dedicated currency specialists, and a 24/7 online platform with best-in-class technology that allows you to complete transfers from any device virtually anywhere in the world. Business customers save with better currency exchange rates and proven solutions geared towards managing and mitigating foreign exchange risk. Our solutions include forward contracts, market orders, rate alert services, and much more - all backed by great technology and great people.
Funds can be transferred via wire transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or ACH payment services. MTFX maintains bank accounts in all major currencies with highly-rated banks. Our banking infrastructure ensures that you can transfer funds to us quickly and securely.
Our global network of banking partners allows us to get funds to virtually anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently. Most wire transfers from MTFX will be received by your beneficiary within 24-48 hours. MTFX also offers same-day transfers that are almost instantaneous, as well as low-cost in-country payment services for your less urgent transfers. For further information please speak to one of our currency specialists.