How to Send Money to Italy from Canada

Send Money to Italy

A competitive EUR/CAD exchange rate is essential when sending money to Italy. Bank beating rates enable businesses to make the most of global opportunities.

Italy exports billions of dollars worth of products and services to Canada each year. This could be one of the reasons you need to send money to Italy. Besides making payments to Italian vendors, you might need to send money to Italy for investment purposes or other reasons.

For many businesses, it’s been the case that each time they approach the bank for an international money transfer, they get charged a terrible currency conversion rate, sky-high transfer fees, and additional bank fees. However, there’s a way to access the best exchange rates and cheap transfer fees by using a specialist foreign exchange service.

How to send money from Canada to Italy

When sending euros to an Italian bank account, it’s always best to compare your options first. At first glance, the obvious choice would be to arrange the transfer via your usual bank or a high street transfer service. However, this comes with high transfer fees and steep exchange rate markups.

The smarter alternative is sending money to Italy using a specialist foreign exchange service like MFTX. With MFTX, you get more euros because the exchange rate is 3-5% lower. That means you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars with each transaction. More specifically, if you’re saving 5 cents on every dollar, that’s 1,500 Canadian dollars you don’t have to pay for every transfer of 30,000 euros.

There’s no catch because you also don’t have to pay high transfer fees. MFTX exchange rates and fees are transparent and fair. The platform deals with high volumes of currency exchanges, so it’s a simple matter of passing on the savings through competitive exchange rates.

All you have to do is register for your MTFX Business Account to send money to Italy. You can then transfer funds online through the 24/7 platform. Automated payments, expert guidance, and the best exchange rates mean you can transact quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

What is the current EUR/CAD exchange rate?

Exchange rates like to swing up and down, and the EUR/CAD exchange rate is no different. Want to find out the current EUR/CAD exchange rate just before you send money? The MTFX Live Currency Rate Calculator is a nifty tool that gives you real-time EUR/CAD exchange rates before you transfer money to Italy.

What do I need to send money to Italy?

You’ll need to provide the following information when sending money to Italy from Canada:

  • Beneficiary name
  • Beneficiary address
  • Beneficiary account number (IBAN number)
  • Bank name
  • Bank address
  • Bank Swift code
  • Reason for transfer

How long does it take to transfer money to Italy with MTFX?

MFTX has a fast turnaround with same-day or next-day transfers (24-48 hours). In addition, you can make and track payments anywhere, anytime, through your secure online account.

Can I set up regular payments to Italy?

With a registered MFTX Business Account, you can set up regular payments to Italy, save thousands annually, and boost your business profits in one go. The MFTX platform has 24/7 online access, and you can use tools like the live currency rate calculator and currency history charts to make informed decisions.


Send money to Italy today

Having an MFTX business account makes life simpler when sending money internationally. Your vendors or beneficiaries can receive funds in one or two days. Also, the MTFX platform is secure, and you have foreign exchange specialists to answer your questions, so you can confidently transfer funds.

Register with MFTX today, and access the best exchange rates when sending Euros. Simplify how you send money to Italy with a full-service exchange platform designed to meet your business needs.

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