How to Send a Large Amount of Money Overseas?

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Bigger stakes are at play when sending a large amount of money to someone overseas. There may be many options to consider, but only one best way. 

There are several reasons why you may need to exchange large amounts of currency. Perhaps you’re interested in purchasing property abroad or need to pay a big-ticket international invoice from your foreign supplier.  

Maybe you’re planning a destination wedding or want to cover annual tuition and living costs for someone studying abroad. Whatever the reason, your transfer has a specific purpose, and you need to maximize the amount applied to that purpose. Here’s what to consider when sending a large amount of money overseas. 

Sending Large Sums of Money Overseas

When sending a large sum of money abroad, the amount could be four figures, five figures, six figures, or it could be more. Let’s consider the top essential factors when deciding how to move such a lump sum. 

Exchange Rates

The mid-market rate is the best rate you can get. Your bank will rarely offer you this rate because banks make more profit through high exchange rate markups. Specialist providers offer more competitive exchange rates because they handle bulk orders and can afford to share the profits with customers. 

Transfer Fees

Transfer fees also increase the total cost of moving money abroad. Banks maintain the same trend of charging more expensive fees compared to specialist providers. In addition, banks may have additional processing and hidden fees that get deducted from the transfer amount. 

Payment Method

Sending money overseas online is the best payment method. For instance, with an MTFX account, you can skip the bank and initiate your transfer from your smart device anytime, anywhere. 


Moving a large amount of money shouldn’t translate to a long transfer time. With banks, delays can take up to five or seven days. However, a specialist provider like MTFX can get it down to 24-48 hours.  

Payment Experience

When you send a large sum abroad, your overall payment experience should be smooth. Did you receive expert guidance from currency specialists? Do you have access to risk management tools? Are you able to track your transfer until it arrives? The good news is that these are all features that come with your MTFX account. 

What’s the Best Way to Make Large International Transfers?

Wondering how to send large sums of money overseas? The no-frills answer is through a currency specialist. Although you have two main options – a bank or a currency exchange specialist – using a currency specialist is the better option because you get competitive rates and fees. You also get access to a wide range of specialist tools, such as rate alerts, to help you capitalize on favorable market conditions. 

How to Make the Most of your Money?

When you transfer large amounts of currency, the timing needs to be right so you can secure the desired exchange rate. This may not be easy because exchange rates are constantly fluctuating. That’s the risk that comes with large-sum transactions. Fortunately, there are risk management tools you can take advantage of, so you’re not at the mercy of the market.  

You can use a currency forward contract to lock in the desired rate on a future date. Alternatively, you can set up a market order if you can afford to wait for a favorable rate. Your transfer will automatically occur once your best value exchange rate is reached. 

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What is the Limit to Send Money Overseas?

If you’re asking, “How much money am I allowed to send overseas? The good news is that the limits are pretty flexible. It’s possible to move money abroad in bulk online without going to the bank. Some limits may apply depending on where you’re sending money and the currencies involved. MTFX has dedicated currency specialists that can help ensure a seamless transfer regardless of how much you’re sending. 

Send a Large Amount of Money Overseas Today

If you need to exchange a large amount of currency, MTFX is your leading international money transfer provider with bank-beating rates that are 3-5% lower and competitive fees. That means you can send your money securely and safely in bulk and enjoy bulk savings to match. 

Open an account in a few minutes to begin your transfer via your secure 24/7 online account. 

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