What are the benefits of having a Golden Visa?

What are the benefits of having a Golden Visa?
Last Updated: 11 Oct 2022

A Golden Visa transforms you into a global citizen, so you can make the most of investment opportunities worldwide. Learn more about the benefits of a Golden Visa.  

Navigating the immigration system and building citizenship in various countries can be difficult and time-consuming. But, if you're an investor or wealthy individual, you're in luck because you can use your wealth to simplify and speed up the process. A Golden Visa is your shortcut to unlocking the benefits of global citizenship. 

Which countries offer a Golden Visa?

A Golden Visa is an immigration program tailored for wealthy individuals to obtain permanent residence or citizenship through investment. The investment requirements for a Golden Visa depend on the country, as seen in the following examples: 


As a non-EU national, you can obtain a Spanish Golden Visa¹ by investing 2 million euros minimum in Spanish debt securities/1 million euros in stocks or shares in approved Spanish companies or as a bank deposit in a Spanish financial situation.  

You can also purchase Spanish real estate with an overall worth of at least €500,000, invest in a business that will create new jobs/has a significant socio-economic impact/or make a significant contribution to scientific or technological innovation. 


A Greek Golden Visa² can be yours for the taking if you purchase real estate worth €250,000. However, note that the Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis recently announced³ the price will double in 2023 to €500,000. You can also make a capital investment in a company/purchase Greek treasury bonds/deposit money in a Greek bank/purchase shares or bonds of publicly traded investment companies worth €400,000. 


The EB5 Visa⁴ is the American version of the Golden Visa. The basic requirements for an EB-5 immigrant visa include investing in a new commercial enterprise that meets job creation and capital investment requirements defined by USCIS. The EB5 visa is also known as the million-dollar visa. 

As you can see, the amount of money and the investment methods vary greatly. More countries with a Golden Visa program include Canada, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Malta and Ireland.  

Initially, you receive a temporary residence permit and have to maintain your investment until you're eligible for permanent residency or citizenship (generally, after 5-10 years), though this is not guaranteed. You'll likely be required to reside in the country for a specific time to keep renewing your residence permit. 

Top reasons to have a Golden Visa

Businesses and individuals can invest in a golden visa or passport, which comes with a host of benefits: 

Expand into the Eurozone market

The Eurozone is the single largest market area globally, and according to Eurostat⁵, such open markets tend to experience fast-paced growth compared to "closed ones." With a European Golden Visa passport, you can easily access the Eurozone markets and spread your entrepreneurial wings to explore new opportunities for trade, innovation and business growth. 

Explore manufacturing opportunities in Asia

Countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines are part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations⁶ (ASEAN), an international hub for manufacturing bursting with opportunities for foreign investment. By investing in an Asian Golden Visa scheme, you can get involved by setting up factories to capture emerging business opportunities that offer fantastic returns on your investment. 

Live, work and study overseas

Living, working, and studying overseas can broaden your horizons and help you achieve your goals in an increasingly global world. The most popular way to get a residence permit or citizenship is by purchasing real estate, so you'll have a home away from home, allowing you to live, work, and study overseas. 

Family members can benefit

Some countries like Spain also allow your immediate family members to obtain a Golden Visa. So you can enjoy having a second residency in a different part of the world or move permanently to start a new life with your family and live where you choose. 

More reasons to invest in a Golden Visa include ease of travel, a wider playground for leisure pursuits and low personal and corporate tax rates. 

What are the requirements for a Golden Visa?

Although Golden Visa requirements differ from country to country, general requirements may include: 

  • Be of legal age (+18 years old) 
  • Complete a visa application form 
  • Submit a criminal record check certificate 
  • Have valid health insurance 
  • Ensure the investment money was acquired legally 
  • Provide documents to prove you own the financial means to make the investment and sustain yourself and family members for the duration of your residence 

What's the difference between a Golden Visa and a Golden Passport?

Generally, a Golden Visa program offers permanent residence, whereas a Golden passport program offers citizenship and a second passport from the country of investment.  

Golden Passports tend to require a lower investment while offering more benefits, since you'll have immediate citizenship and visa-free travel when crossing many international borders. In contrast, a Golden Visa only works for regional travel, for instance, within the Schengen. 

How to transfer money internationally for your Golden Visa?

When applying for a Golden Visa, the main requirement is to make a substantial investment. Getting a Golden Visa is usually a fast-paced process, and you can keep it that way by choosing the right money transfer provider.  

If you need to move large amounts of money from Canada to an overseas account, you can rely on an international payments expert like MTFX to help. With MTFX, you can skip the bank and get guidance from our dedicated currency specialists on the best way to make an international payment to invest in a Golden Visa in your preferred country. 

Move money across borders with MTFX

Send money and invest in a Golden Visa today

If you're thinking of purchasing a house or making a large investment/donation abroad to fulfill Golden Visa requirements, your MTFX account allows you to:

  • Secure bank-beating exchange rates, 3-5% lower, to make your investment go further. You can save up to $25,000 when you invest $500,000.  
  • Make your payment quickly and easily through a safe and secure online platform from virtually anywhere and at any time. 

Enjoy competitive exchange rates and a quick, easy transfer process when making and maintaining your Golden Visa investment – Open an account today! 

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