7 Reasons to Use a Currency Specialist to Send Money Abroad

7 Reasons to Use a Currency Specialist to Send Money Abroad
Last Updated: 01 Dec 2022

Why send money abroad using an international money transfer service? Let's count the seven reasons.

At MTFX, foreign exchange and international money transfers are our raison d'etre. It's who we are and what we do. While banks have been around longer and offer this service, they also focus on other pursuits.

With a specialist provider like MTFX, you can enjoy more refined and tailored services for the best possible money transfer experience. Today, skipping the bank and sending money in 100+ currencies to over 200+ countries has never been more straightforward.

Learn more about the top reasons for choosing MTFX for all your high-value overseas transfers.

Make Life Easier with Online Convenience

Traditionally, people had to go through physical bank locations to transfer currency outside their borders. This often involved waiting in line and dealing with manual paperwork. Now, the difference is night and day because all you need is a secure online account, thanks to technological miracles.

If you need to send money today, registering your account with MTFX takes less than five minutes. From there, it's click-click-click, and your money is on its way.

Dealing with a fully-regulated service means you always have peace of mind from knowing your funds are safeguarded during the transfer process. You can even track your transfer online until it reaches its destination, usually within 24-48 hours.

Save Money with Exchange Rates Better than your Bank

You don't have to pay for the convenience of sending money online quickly. That's why it's best to avoid banks and the uncompetitive exchange rates they offer. When you need to exchange currency, a specialist service will provide the real rate, unlike banks that often add markups.

Banks do this because that's how they profit from the low number of transactions they handle. On the other hand, a specialist service handles larger volumes of transactions, making it possible to operate on thinner margins, with profits passed down to customers.

For example, MTFX offers bank-beating rates, 3-5% lower. So if you were to use your online account to transfer $30,000 to a foreign bank account, your maximum potential savings would be $1500.

move money across borders with smart and secure payment solutions

Exchange High Fees with Low, Transparent Fees

Besides high exchange rate markups, banks habitually add expensive transfer fees to drive up the total cost of moving money abroad. It all adds up if you're making regular payments.

Banks can also hit you with hidden or unexpected fees, such as a tracer fee if you want to track the progress of your transfer. With MTFX's money transfer services, you always know the exact cost for better budgeting.

The increased transparency lets you see just how much you save with low-fee transfers, whether you send money once-off or regularly.

Automate Regular Money Transfers, then Sit Back and Relax

Making regular international payments can be a hassle if you manually input details every time you send funds. Fortunately, technology comes to the rescue again, enabling you to make repeat transfers without error-prone manual data entry.

Once you have registered your MTFX account, you can simplify and speed up your transfers – including batch payments – courtesy of our world-class automation technologies.

Get More Value with Specialist Tools and Products

The best international payment providers also offer specialist tools and products for greater control over your money. For example, you can lock in today's favorable exchange rate with a forward contract for future scheduled payments.

This enables you to budget more accurately and protect yourself from market ups and downs. Alternatively, you can book a market order and act only when your target rate is reached.

More options include receiving currency rate alerts whenever an exchange rate reaches a specified level or using currency charts to familiarize yourself with market trends. This helps you stay on top despite an unpredictable currency market.

Talk to Currency Specialists and Receive Expert Guidance

At MTFX, we offer a high-touch, high-tech experience. Hence, using our specialist foreign exchange services means you're dealing with experts equipped to meet your needs. You can still enjoy a personalized international money transfer experience even when sending money online.

Our foreign exchange specialists will ensure the currency transfer platform reflects your needs, answer your questions, and provide guidance at each stage. As a result, we add more value by taking the stress and hassle out of the process.

Send Money Abroad Whenever and Wherever

Your 24/7 online account enables you to send money internationally anytime, anywhere, in the spirit of money without borders or time zones. You can also make large payments quickly and efficiently for various reasons.

The top reasons people use foreign exchange services include buying overseas property, keeping up with mortgage payments for a home abroad, and paying overseas tuition. Businesses also want to make overseas investments and pay suppliers or remote employees.

Whatever your reason, there are always more reasons to send money abroad today with MTFX. Whether it's quick turnaround times, personalized FX solutions, or the best value for your money, it's easy to experience the benefits firsthand.

Open an account today with MTFX. Register in less than five minutes and unlock competitive rates and low fees for long-term savings.

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