How to Convert Canadian Dollars to Norwegian Krone?

You stand to get more Scandinavian currency when you convert Canadian dollars to Norwegian Kroner using a specialist provider vs. a bank. Best of all, it’s quick and easy. 

When converting your Canadian dollars to Norwegian Kroner, you need to look out for your money. The FX market is volatile, and the CAD to NOK exchange rate might move unfavorably before you initiate your transfer.  

At the same time, some transfer services will charge you more than necessary. These two factors often mean less value for your money.  

Fortunately, there’s a way to convert CAD to NOK reliably and cost-effectively. So if you’re looking to send money from Canada to Norway, here’s what you need to know. 

What’s the Cost of Converting CAD to NOK?

The main factor impacting the cost of international bank transfer fees is the payment provider you use. Let’s see how exchange rates and transfer fees differ between specialist providers and banks. 

Exchange Rates

Foreign exchange conversion is the biggest determiner of how much you’ll pay and the amount your beneficiary receives. Many banks and other money transfer services use exchange rate markups when selling currency to profit.  

Therefore, the rate you get will not be the same as the interbank or mid-market exchange rate. In contrast, specialist providers like MTFX only offer the mid-market rate without a currency conversion charge on top. 

Transfer Fees

Banks and other transfer services also charge high fees to profit. If a provider is already adding a hidden markup to the CAD - NOK exchange rate they offer, that means you get charged twice.  

In addition, there could be extra discretionary costs, such as processing fees. You still pay for these additional charges even if they’re not disclosed to you.  

The good news is you can save on transfer fees by using an online international money transfer service.  

These types of providers make a point of differentiating themselves from competitors by giving you the real rate, charging as little as possible, and being transparent about the cost of currency conversion. 

Finding a Currency Exchange Service 

Besides cost, there are several factors to consider to ensure you enjoy a wholesome experience when converting your Canadian dollars to Norwegian Kroner. 

  • Speed of transaction. Banks might take between 4-6 days, so it’s faster to use a specialist provider like MTFX that delivers funds after 1-2 days or on the same day. 
  • Convenience. It’s usually better to skip the bank and convert currency online. MTFX has a secure 24/7 platform that eliminates the need to wait for banking hours. 
  • Value-added services. Specialist providers like MTFX offer more value in the form of personalized guidance from dedicated currency specialists and expert FX tools.  

What are the Risks of Exchanging CAD to NOK? 

Currency conversion risk stems from the fact that exchange rates fluctuate constantly. As such, it’s important to hedge the amount you plan to convert. This leaves less to chance and helps you budget with certainty.  

For instance, a forward contract is ideal if you need to send large amounts of money on specified dates. You can lock in a prevailing rate you deem favorable for up to two years (a deposit is required).  

If your currency conversion is not time-sensitive, you can set up a market order to target and wait for a more favorable rate. Your order will be fulfilled automatically once your target rate is reached.  

Although converting currency always comes with the risk of loss should your currency lose value, using these risk management tools goes a long way toward protecting your money.  

At MTFX, we ensure you’re not at the complete mercy of the market, and as a FINTRAC-authorized provider, you can rest assured your money is in safe and secure hands. 

How to Convert Canadian Dollars to Norwegian Kroner Online? 

MTFX’s quality of technology and innovation enables you to change Canadian dollars to Norwegian Kroner or perform any other currency transaction quickly and easily.  

Creating an online account is a matter of minutes. Once you have your free account, you can: 

  1. Monitor live exchange rates 24/7 for the currency pair you want. 
  2. Add funds to your account and book a great rate. 
  3. Track your transfer online once you make your payment. 
  4. Set up regular transfers and make batch payments.

What about Transfers where Speed is Important? 

You can rely on MTFX for fast payments and quick transfers when sending funds overseas.   

We typically take 24-48 hours to deliver funds to your beneficiary, and express payments are available if you need the money to arrive on the same day.  

Time is money, so we give you the best of both worlds for added value. 

CAD to Norwegian Krone


Convert Canadian Dollars to Norwegian Kroner Today 

Here at MTFX, you can enjoy competitive CAD to NOK exchange rates and low transfer fees when you send money to Norway. We offer low-cost foreign exchange and global payment solutions to businesses and individuals thanks to our efficient technological operation.  

That’s why currency conversions and overseas transfers with MTFX are quick, simple, and secure for a fraction of the cost of banks and other transfer services. You can explore our range of innovative FX tools to help you exchange your Canadian dollars at a time and rate you’re happy with. We also have dedicated currency specialists, so you can always talk to a real person when you need personalized expert guidance. 

Open an account today with MTFX as an individual or business to unlock competitive CAD - NOK exchange rates plus low transfer fees and save when you send money to Norway.

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