Send money to Switzerland

Send money to Switzerland

You can’t always take a trip to Switzerland, but your money can. Discover where to find the best Canadian dollar to Swiss Franc exchange rates before sending money to Switzerland.

Switzerland is home to the breathtaking Swiss Alps and unique mountain scenery. It’s also famous for its ski resorts, chocolate, luxury watches, and many other attractions. So, it makes sense that Switzerland is one of the best places for Canadians to visit and do business with.

In fact, you can find many Canadians living among the Swiss or with family living in Switzerland. Similarly, numerous Canadian businesses enjoy a robust trading relationship with Swiss suppliers. Canada’s imports from Switzerland amount to billions of dollars and include pharmaceutical products, clocks and watches, organic chemicals, precious stones, machinery, electronic equipment, and many items in-between.

Needless to say, there are many reasons for sending money to Switzerland from Canada. Whether you’re an individual or a company, using a foreign exchange service like MTFX is perfect for every reason you have to send money to Switzerland.

Where is the CAD/CHF exchange rate heading?

The Canadian dollar to Swiss Franc exchange rate is one of the top factors influencing the cost of sending money from Canada to Switzerland. CAD/CHF is subject to market fluctuations like any other currency pair. Finding the best exchange rate and getting the highest value means tracking exchange rates, so you know the ideal timeframe for sending money. 

Fortunately, MTFX provides money-saving currency exchange tools by letting you know where the CAD/CHF exchange rate might be heading.

Stay informed with these currency history charts and live currency rate calculator to retain more of your money after currency conversions.

What is the best way to send money to Switzerland?

The following characteristics should define the best way to send money to Switzerland:

  • Best value for money
  • Convenient and premium service
  • Expert assistance 

This automatically rules banks out because banks aren’t exactly known for offering favorable exchange rates or transfer fees. Sending money abroad via banks isn’t quick either.

On the other hand, your best bet is an industry-leading foreign exchange service like MTFX. MTFX exchange rates are guaranteed to be 3-5% lower than the banks with low transfer fees as well. 

The MTFX 24/7 platform and your online account are secure, faster, and more convenient. You can set up regular payments and have your money arrive within 24-48 hours. Additionally, you can speak to an MTFX currency specialist if you have any questions to ask.

What do I need to send money to my Swiss beneficiary?

  • Beneficiary name and address 
  • Beneficiary account number
  • Bank name and address
  • Bank Swift code
  • Reason for transfer 

How much does sending money to Switzerland cost?

The cost of sending money to Switzerland depends on various factors, such as:

  • The size of the payment
  • The exchange rate
  • Transfer fees 
  • Any other additional fees

With MTFX, you can save more money regardless of how much you’re sending. You get 3-5% lower rates compared to the typical bank. The transfer fees are also lower, and there are no additional bank fees when sending money via your online account. 

MTFX’s great rates translate to savings of $1500 or 5% for every $30,000 you send to a bank account in Switzerland. Therefore, you can expect to save hundreds or thousands of dollars per payment.

Who uses MTFX to send money to Switzerland?

If you’re in Canada, you can send money to Switzerland as an individual or company for the following reasons:


  • Paying suppliers
  • Purchasing goods and services
  • Making business payments
  • Making investments


  • Paying for tuition
  • Making investments
  • Buying property
  • Moving to Switzerland

Send money to Swiss recipients with MTFX today

The sooner you register online for your MTFX business or personal account, the sooner you can get your account active. That way, you’re always ready to capitalize on great exchange rates and have your money reach its destination on time, every time.

Get on board with MTFX today to start enjoying secure, fast, and hassle-free payments to Switzerland. 

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