Guide for Canadians Buying Property in Switzerland


Discover your Dream Home in the Land of Breathtaking Natural Beauty, also known as, One of the World’s Most Modern and Developed Countries: Switzerland 

Life is good in Switzerland. With a high standard of living, great employment opportunities, top healthcare facilities, and quality educational institutions, Switzerland has everything. 

Can Canadians Buy Property in Switzerland?

For Canadians, purchasing real estate in Switzerland is much easier now than ever. In Switzerland, Canadians do not require a permit to purchase a house or land if they purchase it as a non-resident. 

To purchase property in Switzerland as a resident for work or retirement purposes, various permits are required. However, they are easy to obtain with the help of the right real estate agent. 

Why Buy Property in Switzerland?

Switzerland has a lot to offer buyers looking for an ideal property purchase. With a stable economy, low taxes, secure environment, political stability, and high quality of life, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider buying property in this beautiful country: 

  • High ROI 
  • Safety & Security 
  • Stability 
  • Quality of Life 

Best Places to Buy Property in Switzerland



Bern is the capital city of Switzerland. It is the political and tourist center of the country. For Canadians, it is good to know that the Canadian Embassy in Switzerland is located in Bern.


Graubünden is known for its dramatic landscapes and is home to resorts and winter sports enthusiasts. This city also possesses some of the world's most beautiful railway lines.



Valais, located in Southern Switzerland is home to some of the most upscale Alpine resorts and Rhone River Valley vineyards.

House Prices in Switzerland

Buying property in Switzerland can be a great investment and is one of the more affordable options in Europe when considering transaction costs. In 2022, the Swiss Real Estate Price Index increased steadily and reached an all-time high by the end of the year. Insight into the current market can be obtained by The Swiss National Bank, which provides a Real Estate Price Index, giving potential buyers and sellers up-to-date information on the market.

Property Buying Process in Switzerland as a Canadian

When purchasing a property in Switzerland as a Canadian, it's important to:

  • Choosing a Property in Switzerland 
  • Making an Offer 
  • Completing a Real Estate Purchase   
  • Signing a Sale Contract in Switzerland   

By following these steps, Canadians can ensure they are adequately prepared when looking to purchase real estate in Switzerland.   

Top Property Websites in Switzerland

Here are the top property websites to use when searching for properties for sale or rent in Switzerland:

How to Pay for Property Purchases in Switzerland as a Canadian?

When you are traveling to Switzerland, it is important to know that their currency is the Swiss Franc (CHF). This is accepted everywhere; however, the Euro may also be used in some areas. If you are investing in property in Switzerland, it is important that you convert your Canadian Dollars (CAD) into CHF beforehand. To ensure you get the best value for your purchase, it is recommended that you enlist the help of a reliable and secure foreign exchange expert, such as MTFX Foreign Exchange and Global Payments service.

How to Get the Best Exchange Rate when Buying Property in Switzerland as a Canadian?

When rates are fluctuating rapidly, a foreign exchange expert, such as MTFX Foreign Exchange and Global Payments service can provide fast, secure, and professional service to get you the best rate possible, helping you save potentially thousands in the end!

The Best Method of Transferring Money to Switzerland

International Money Transfer Vs. Bank Transfer

Bank: Transferring funds from your bank may take a few days and there are several fees associated with the transaction. This option is fraught with high transfer fees, poor exchange rates, and longer turnaround times, so avoid it where possible.

Money Transfer Specialists: By utilizing a specialist money transfer service such as MTFX, you can easily and effortlessly make online international transfers to any Swiss bank account. All you need is the recipient's name, address, and banking details. MTFX is the recommended choice, offering competitive exchange rates, affordable fees, and quick turnaround times. 

Easing money transfers from Canada to Switzerland is a key factor in getting the best value for your property abroad. This can be done easily with MTFX Foreign Exchange and Global Payments service.

Can I Use my Bank to Convert Canadian Dollars to Swiss Francs?

It is not the best option for exchanging currencies. Banks charge large fees for currency conversions, and the exchange rate they provide may not be competitive with other services. Additionally, banks typically have a limited selection of currencies available for conversion and do not offer advanced features such as forward contracts or rate alerts.

Ready to buy property in Switzerland?


MTFX is the Perfect Option for International Money Transfers

MTFX is an ideal solution for international money transfers because it offers several advantages over its competitors.  With MTFX, you can enjoy secure and reliable transfers, competitive exchange rates, low transfer fees, and access to more than 140 currencies. Additionally, you can make your transfers quickly and easily through their convenient online platform – without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home!  The company also provides expert guidance throughout the process in order to ensure that you are always getting the best deal possible.

Frequently Asked Questions - Buying Property in Switzerland

Can a foreigner buy a house in Switzerland?

Foreigners may be able to purchase property in Switzerland, depending on their individual situation. However, it is important to note that the purchase of a house or land does not automatically grant residence permission in Switzerland. Those hoping to become homeowners must therefore seek approval before making any purchases. 

Is buying property in Switzerland a wise decision?

Switzerland offers excellent infrastructure and quality of life, making it an attractive place for property investment. The costs associated with buying and owning property in Switzerland are generally on the high side, but there are advantages to choosing this country as a place to purchase real estate. The relatively low cost of transaction fees makes investing in property in Switzerland a viable option for many buyers. 

What is the Limit to Transfer Money Internationally while Buying Property in Switzerland?

Transferring money internationally while buying property overseas can be done with relative ease. It's now possible to move money abroad without having to visit the bank in person. Some limits may apply depending on where you're sending the money and the currencies involved. However, MTFX has experts dedicated to making a seamless transfer no matter how much you want to send. 

Open an account today  to enjoy simple, secure, and cost-effective international payments to buy property in Switzerland with MTFX.

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