Are you a Multinational? Then you should have a Strategic FX Management Plan in Place

Are you a Multinational? Then you should have a Strategic FX Management Plan in Place
Last Updated: 03 Jun 2021

When developing an up-to-date treasury management practice for your business in today’s climate you need to ensure your plan includes an international payment and currency risk management approach to be sure you protect your profits from exposure in the current volatile marketplace.

At MTFX our innovative risk management solutions and hedging tools provide you with a proactive approach in order to help you better plan for your long-term financial ambitions. If you are a multinational -- or currently growing at a rate that will have you become one in the short term -- we can work with you to create a unique and customized solution to ensure you attain your growth targets.

Whether you are managing a network of international subsidiaries, working with international suppliers or customers, or expanding your business to new markets, MTFX is your strategic choice to achieve your goals.

The Power of FX Treasury Management Solutions

As space continues to become digitized and demand for international payments increases, you will need to work with a strategic third-party platform provider that can provide your business with operational efficiencies, enhanced transfer transparency, and market insights in a way that a traditional bank or financial institution cannot offer, so you can efficiently navigate the ever-evolving nature of the payments landscape.

Multinationals today need to be as nimble as start-ups in order to be able to make a decision on a new partnership or alliance on the flip of a coin. As your global business increases in complexity and expands into new markets, it can be a challenge to maintain the visibility of assets and liabilities across multiple currencies, not to mention managing multiple payment systems with various compliance and regulation requirements.

Your treasury management platform is the strategic command center for all your financial planning giving you certainty on your cash flow, liquidity levels, and both your payables and receivables. It is a necessary strategic tool that will help you always gauge the current state of your business. Integrating your international positions into your treasury management planning gives you additional perspective—a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace.

The MTFX Solution for Treasury Risk Management

MTFX offers your business customized solutions for treasury managers so they can better administer their global payments needs. Our strategic solutions and tools give you instant access to our global network of partnerships, along with our international licensing and compliance infrastructure, ensuring reach, data security, and efficiencies to support your expansion goals. Our team of market experts will work with you in order to tailor our hedging and risk management strategies for your business.

With MTFX you will Gain Access to:

  • Competitive real-time FX rates that are guaranteed to beat the bank across +140 different currencies, including exotic.
  • Innovative hedging tools and risk management strategies that add cost certainty to your business cash flow
  • Integrate automation technologies for beneficiary banking validation, bulk payment processing, and reporting and reconciliation functionality
  • Set up multi-currency accounts that provide you with total visibility of your funding balances across various currencies in one simple, easy-to-use portal
  • Enable direct integration into your business ERP and AP systems, removing the manual swivel chair processes and file uploads from alternative payment solutions
  • A streamlined ‘plug-and-play’ integration through financial APIs that remove any manual intervention from company staff
  • Our technology infrastructure is flexible and adaptable, allowing you access to as much—or as little—of our services, as you need as your business evolves and grows

MTFX Hedging Strategies will Protect your Business Across Borders

Learn more about how our solutions can help you retain your local customers and expand your international business. Contact one of our market experts and we will show you how foreign exchange currency risk management strategies can protect your business while increasing profits.

Register your account with MTFX today to enjoy bank-beating rates and avoid currency risk with a strategic FX management plan. 

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