Send Money Online | MTFX, a Foreign Exchange Service

Send Money Online | MTFX, a Foreign Exchange Service
Last Updated: 24 Jan 2023

MTFX is a specialist foreign exchange service. You can rely on value-added international payment solutions anytime you need to send money online.

  • Send money at your convenience 24/7. Forget about strict banking hours, long queues, and manual paperwork. Use our pure digital platform, available around the clock.
  • Pocket more savings. Our bank-beating rates and low transfer fees are pocket-friendly. No hidden costs whatsoever.
  • Get market secrets from the experts. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you have dedicated currency specialists to offer expert guidance.

Enjoy extra value with more of our innovative money transfer services. Just open an account. Do it in less than five minutes.


Online transfers – MTFX brings the magic to your fingertips

Doing things online is now savvy. Every day, people shop online, work online, study online, and connect with friends online effectively with technology. 


Thanks to money transfer providers like MTFX, you can now also send money abroad online with ease. You pay for the transaction via your account once you provide the essential details, such as the recipient's name, bank account number, and the transfer amount. 

The funds get delivered to the specified foreign bank account. The services we offer are now so popular that digital remittances in Canada are projected to reach $2.33bn by 2027. In addition, the number of senders is expected to amount to 0.8 million in the same year.

As an online money transfer company, MTFX lets you tap into the very best of electronic fund transfers. We are here to melt away geographical borders and transport your money swiftly around the world. We make it possible to send money in 100+ currencies to 200+ countries in the comfort of your home or office.

The perks of sending money online

There’s no doubt that online transfers are now the smart and convenient way of sending funds overseas – at least if you’re using a reliable and innovative provider. MTFX offers the following benefits at a glance. 

Secure transfers every time

Transact in confidence and move your money safely anywhere in the world with your secure, easy-to-use online account. Once you initiate your transfer, track it online to verify your beneficiary has received the funds.

24/7 service

Brick and mortar financial institutions like banks have opening and closing hours. So you must do things on their time.

On the other hand, you never have to line up to use services from an online provider, and there are no wait times when you decide to send money. 

As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can send money online with more flexibility and 24/7 accessibility.

Send money from anywhere

Tap or click the right places on your smart device and watch the magic happen. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you have a working internet connection. 

Incredible speed and efficiency

You can access the services you need anytime, anywhere, which means your transfer gets processed as soon as you decide to initiate it. 

This speed ensures you always make your international payments on time, taking the stress out of sending money across geographical borders. 

Great affordability 

An online money transfer operator has low overheads and generally charges a low service fee. If you decide to use such a provider, you can enjoy the best rates on the market and lower transaction costs to save on every transfer. 

In contrast, banks have additional costs for the upkeep of branches, and they pass these costs to customers.

What’s the best way to send money online?

Find the best way to send money online internationally based on these factors:

  • Exchange rates 
  • Transfer fees
  • Transfer time
  • Payment experience
  • Safety

Generally, your options boil down to using a bank or a currency specialist like MTFX. Let’s see how either one stacks up against the other.

MTFX Vs. The Bank

MTFX vs. The Bank: Exchange rates

MTFX is cheaper because we offer competitive exchange rates with no markups. We are transparent about our rates; you always get the mid-market rate.

Your average bank usually has a 2%-5% markup on the exchange rate you receive because that’s how banks profit – through hidden fees.

MTFX vs. The Bank: Transfer fees

Transfer fees are another sneaky cost to watch out for when you send a money transfer online. MTFX offers low and transparent fees, and we always disclose the costs upfront.

On the other hand, your regular bank often charges an outgoing fee, an initiation fee, a tracer fee, a receiving fee, and other costs. It gets more expensive once you factor in third-party charges.

MTFX vs. The Bank: Processing speed

MTFX takes 24-48 hours to deliver funds to your recipient. Same-day transfers are also available if you’re looking for the fastest way to send money online.

Bank transfers tend to arrive later than 48 hours – usually 3-5 days. In addition, your money will move more slowly if it has to pass through several intermediary banks and if there’s manual paperwork and other arduous tasks involved.

MTFX vs. The Bank: Payment experience

You get specialist service when dealing with a dedicated money transfer service. Our experts are here to provide personalized guidance to enhance your overseas transfer experience.

Banks are not specialists when it comes to international money transfers. They’re diversified organizations, so you may not enjoy the smoothest payment experience when using your bank for overseas transfers.

MTFX vs. The Bank: Safety

Banks are generally trusted financial institutions, and many people entrust banks to handle their money daily. The good news is that MTFX is also a regulated service provider, trusted with international money transfers for over 25 years.

While banks are good when it comes to their core services, like processing deposits and withdrawals and servicing loans, they’re not FX experts. At MTFX, our core service is foreign exchange and global payments. It’s what we do every day, so we do it better than banks – faster, cheaper, and more securely.

Open up a world of excellent exchange rates

Exchange rates are a big deal when converting currency. MTFX wants to do business with you, which is why we offer mid-market exchange rates as an attractive proposition. 


We handle large transfers in bulk, so we can still make it work on skinny margins. 

Are you a savvy saver? Then MTFX is your secret to low cost international payments in a convenient and technologically efficient package.

A thousand reasons to use MTFX

Our customers regularly save hundreds and thousands of dollars when transacting with MTFX. That's because our exchange rates beat the banks by 3-5%, which means for every $30,000, you save as much as $1,500. 


Even for smaller, regular transactions where you save hundreds of dollars each time, it eventually adds up to thousands over time. It’s every reason you need to start sending money with MTFX.


Skip expensive bank charges and enjoy competitive rates with MTFX. Open an account today

No place for hidden fees

The mid-market rate is the standard exchange rate, and since it’s what we offer, we have no room for hidden transfer fees. This transparency is a breath of fresh air compared to some providers with high exchange rate markups disguised as no-fee transfers.

Cut transfer costs. Pocket the cash

When you have lower transfer costs, you get to keep more cash in your pocket, and there are no extra costs to make up for conversion losses. The savings are huge regardless of how much or how often you transact.

Our specialists will be there every step of the way

You benefit from currency conversion with a human touch when using MTFX. A common disadvantage of online financial services that’s often cited is limited interaction between the client and provider.


Luckily, our dedicated currency specialists are pretty hands-on and available when you need to speak to a real person with expertise in international money exchange.


Our foreign exchange specialists are here to help, answer your questions, and ensure the currency transfer platform is set up for your needs. So expect a call from one of our specialists as soon as you register your account.

Explore our value-added services


Automated payments
  • We have top-notch automated technologies to help you simplify overseas money transfers and eliminate the error risk of manual data entry. 
Wide range of FX tools
Business solutions 
  • Conduct business successfully in the global marketplace with streamlined international payments, multi-currency accounts, and risk management instruments to protect from market volatility.


Real exchange rates, real people, real value


✓ Cheaper global money transfers to make your money go further.

✓ Full-service foreign exchange platform for a personalized experience.

✓ Innovative, value-added services to help you make global transfers like a pro

What’s your reason for sending money online? MTFX has got you covered

Overseas Property Purchase

You can pay online for your property purchase abroad without going to the bank.

Buy property in the United States

Buy real estate property in Europe

Buy real estate property in the Caribbean

Other popular property-buying destinations include Costa Rica, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, or any place you choose.

B2B International Transfers

With a dedicated service like MTFX, you can easily incorporate online B2B global payments to leverage your profits.

Learn more: A complete guide to B2B international transfers.

Paying Foreign Suppliers

MTFX can help you optimize payments to foreign suppliers and reduce the cost of doing business internationally.

How to lower costs when paying foreign suppliers

What is the best way to pay an overseas bill?

When to pay vendors in a foreign currency vs. USD

Studying Abroad

Studying abroad comes with international fees and costs. That’s where MTFX comes in.

Studying Abroad? A Brief Guide for Canadian Students

Studying in the US? A Guide for Canadian Students

Studying in England? A Guide for Canadian Students

You can also read our guides for studying abroad in Europe and Australia.

Getting a Golden Visa

Investing in a Golden Visa typically involves sending large amounts of money abroad. Fortunately, you can rely on MTFX to maximize your investment opportunities wherever you find them.

Learn more: What are the benefits of getting a Golden Visa?

Any Other Legitimate Reason

Enjoy significant savings anytime you need to send money online from Canada, whether you’re planning a destination wedding or making overseas mortgage payments.


Tell us where your money needs to be, and we’ll get it there


Send money online to the USA.


  • The USD dollar is the most traded currency globally, so you have plenty of reasons to send money online to the United States. You’ll always get a favorable USD/CAD exchange rate from MTFX with every transaction.


Send money online to India.


  • The Indian Rupee is a popular emerging currency. If you’re sending money online, using a foreign exchange service like MTFX will significantly lower the cost of doing business with Indian suppliers. Look out for the USD/CAD or INR/CAD since Indian suppliers accept Rupees and US Dollars.
Send money online to Mexico.
  • Mexico is number three when it comes to Canada’s imports by country. Whenever you need to send money to Mexico to buy goods, you can rest assured you’ll get the best USD/CAD or MXN/CAD, depending on whether your suppliers prefer USD or Mexican pesos.


Send money online to suppliers in China.

  • China is at the top of Canada’s imports, second only to the United States. The USD/CAD or CNY/CAD exchange rate matters if you’re paying suppliers in China in USD or the Renminbi. MTFX will secure the best available exchange rate so that you can make the most of your business transfers.


Send money online to France.

  • France uses the Euro, the second most traded currency in the world. We will help you lock in or target a favorable EUR/CAD exchange rate using either a forward contract or market order.


Send money online to the UK.

  • Avoid unnecessary transfer costs and poor GBP/CAD exchange rates offered by banks when sending money to England. Use MTFX instead for competitive exchange rates and quick, easy online transfers.

Send money online to South Africa.


  • MTFX offers competitive ZAR/CAD exchange rates, meaning you get more rands when you convert your Canadian dollars. Get free expert guidance to get more utility from your account.
Send money online anywhere else around the world.


How to send money online from Canada

Here’s how online international transfers work with MTFX.

  1. Sign up or sign in

Creating an account only takes five minutes. If you already have an account, log in and add funds to your account through a bank transfer or bill payment.

  1. Set up your transfer

You’ll need the beneficiary’s name, address, and account number in addition to the bank name, address, and Swift code. Also tell us the reason for the transfer, and choose your transfer amount, fund currency, and destination country.

  1. Track your transfer

You can track your international money transfer online and watch as we deliver the funds to your recipient.

Get the most competitive rates on your cross-border payments with MTFX

Send money abroad online today

MTFX makes sending money online easy and inexpensive

✓ Reliable service, trusted by people like you for over 25 years.

✓ Simpler and more efficient transfers, perfect for a fast-paced world.

✓ Competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees to help you save big bucks.

✓ Speed, security, convenience – Get it all with MTFX.

Frequently asked questions about sending money abroad online

How can I send money internationally online?

  1. Open your free online account with MTFX.
  2. Fund your account and input the required details.
  3. We will deliver your funds within 24-48 hours.

What is the cheapest way to send money?

The cheapest online transfers are with a provider that offers competitive rates and low transfer fees. You’ll find both at MTFX. 

What is the fastest way to send money online?

The fastest method is using an online provider. For instance, MTFX has a 24/7 online platform you can access anytime from anywhere. Once you initiate your transfer, your recipient gets the funds within 24-48 hours.

Can I send money online instantly?

MTFX offers same day transfers, which are almost instantaneous.

What is the safest way to send money online?

Making international transfers online is safe and secure with MTFX, a trusted provider registered with FINTRAC.

What are the limits for online money transfers from Canada?

Generally, there are no limits to online international money transfers. MTFX handles big-ticket transfers all the time for customers who want to purchase property overseas or buy foreign goods, among other things.


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