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27 Mar 2023 Banking Woes Continue to Pressure the CAD
20 Mar 2023 The CAD Managed a Respectable Gain Against the USD
13 Mar 2023 CAD Continues to Weaken
06 Mar 2023 The CAD is Finding it Difficult to Stand Out
27 Feb 2023 The U.S. dollar has Experienced Significant Appreciation
13 Feb 2023 CAD Higher on Strong Jobs and Higher Crude
06 Feb 2023 Another 25bp Hike by the Feds Looks Likely after Blockbuster Payrolls Data
30 Jan 2023 CAD Continues to Grind Higher; FOMC Rate Announcement Ahead
16 Jan 2023 The CAD Has Fallen behind most of its Main Currency Rivals
09 Jan 2023 Canada post Astronomically high Job Growth
12 Dec 2022 FOMC out this Week; CAD Underperforming
05 Dec 2022 The Worst Five-Day Performance Among the Major Currencies
28 Nov 2022 Loonie Continues to Track Weak USD
21 Nov 2022 The Softer Trend in Commodities
07 Nov 2022 Broader Market Themes in the Week Ahead
31 Oct 2022 CAD Making Inroads Despite BoC Letdown
24 Oct 2022 Primary Focus In Canada Will Be The BoC Rate Decision
17 Oct 2022 Markets Betting On Larger Rate Hikes In Both Canada And The US
11 Oct 2022 CAD weakened to a 2 ½ year low overnight. Is there a potential move toward 1.40?
03 Oct 2022 Markets Being October With Apprehension
26 Sep 2022 FX Weekly Outlook
19 Sep 2022 Canadian Dollar Likely To Get Smashed This Week. Could the USD/CAD break 1.34?
12 Sep 2022 USD/CAD Likely Capped At 1.32 In The Short Term
06 Sep 2022 BoC Interest Rate Decision Ahead
05 Sep 2022 US Payrolls May Continue To Support The Greenback
29 Aug 2022 Further USD Strength Against The CAD Seems Limited
22 Aug 2022 USD continues to drive higher; Canadian retail sales on deck this morning
15 Aug 2022 CAD Should Begin To Appreciate Against The USD
08 Aug 2022 Very Little Room for Large CAD Appreciation
02 Aug 2022 CAD Continues to Underperform
18 Jul 2022 Could The Cad’s Slide Continue?
11 Jul 2022 The Bank of Canada is Expected to Raise Rates by 75 Basis Points
04 Jul 2022 Greenback Continues to Reign Supreme
27 Jun 2022 CAD Fundamentals Remain Strong
20 Jun 2022 The loonie continues to slide
06 Jun 2022 CAD is Expected to Appreciate in the Following Weeks
30 May 2022 Focus is solely on the Bank of Canada
24 May 2022 CAD Looks Poised to Strengthen
16 May 2022 Canadian Inflation Expected to Spike
09 May 2022 Volatility continues to plague the CAD
02 May 2022 Macro Fundamentals Looks Supportive of the CAD
25 Apr 2022 USD rally crushes the loonie
11 Apr 2022 BoC may raise interest rates
04 Apr 2022 The loonie's rise likely to stall this week
28 Mar 2022 CAD continues to shine against the USD
21 Mar 2022 Canadian Dollar Weekly Outlook
14 Mar 2022 Canadian CPI report takes centre stage this week
07 Mar 2022 More Turbulent Range Trading Expected For The CAD
28 Feb 2022 Canadian Dollar External Influences BoC ahead
22 Feb 2022 Canadian Dollar Update Ukraine Escalations
14 Feb 2022 The truck blockade softer growth BoC policy
07 Feb 2022 CAD remains an underperformer but not for long
31 Jan 2022 loonie has struggled next few weeks won’t be any better
24 Jan 2022 Twin policy decisions from the BoC and the Fed
17 Jan 2022 Could the CAD rally continue?
10 Jan 2022 Canadian Dollar Weekly Outlook – CAD Seems Poised to Appreciate
20 Dec 2021 CAD looks undervalued; BoC expresses inflation concerns
13 Dec 2021 CAD likely to remain weak into the year end
06 Dec 2021 BoC and Fed seem poised to raise rates
29 Nov 2021 CAD devaluation last week | expect current levels to reverse
22 Nov 2021 Loonie weakens on slumping oil and CPI disappointment
15 Nov 2021 Greenback could run higher we expect loonie to keep pace
08 Nov 2021 Inflation numbers in the US and Canada
01 Nov 2021 The Fed to meet this week
27 Sep 2021 US debt ceiling and China's Evergrande debt will drive
20 Sep 2021 Canadians are going to the polls today
13 Sep 2021 Liberals nor Conservatives likely to secure full majority
30 Aug 2021 Expect barnburner gains in US employment this week
23 Aug 2021 USD spikes on growth concerns & Tapering
16 Aug 2021 Delta variant virus fears and worsening Oil demand in focus
09 Aug 2021 Fed Tapering Expectations to Support Dollar
03 Aug 2021 US dollar should continue gains against most of the G10
26 Jul 2021 US data and an upbeat Fed likely to keep the greenback supported (1)
19 Jul 2021 ECB rules this week. Domestically, the loonie is expected to fly
12 Jul 2021 The loonie is set to fly
05 Jul 2021 FX Week Ahead: Strong payrolls clearly argue in favor of USD strength
28 Jun 2021 Will the markets dodge the NFP release and settle for a low-volatility summer?
21 Jun 2021 Potential hints at QE tapering in September would add further support to the dollar
14 Jun 2021 FX Week Ahead: Fed’s high liquidity stance remain firmly in place for the summer
07 Jun 2021 The BoC will likely keep quiet this week while preparing to taper again in July
31 May 2021 Its all about the jobs numbers in the US & Canada | MTFX
25 May 2021 The US is expected to show a record $92bn deficit
17 May 2021 Booming commodities and a bearish greenback | FX Weekly
10 May 2021 FX Weekly: Another jump in US inflation unlikely to impact the greenback’s downward spiral
03 May 2021 FX Weekly: US data expected show a strong recovery vis-à-vis a dovish Fed
26 Apr 2021 FX Week Ahead: Greenback weakness, loonie strength – FOMC will dominate the week
19 Apr 2021 G10 FX Week Ahead: BoC will taper its asset purchases
12 Apr 2021 FX Week ahead: Covid Waves Throw a Wrench Into any CAD strength
05 Apr 2021 FX Week ahead: Greenback riding high on recovery prospects but not for too much longer
29 Mar 2021 FX week ahead: The block in the Suez Canal & a low-vaccination situation dominate markets
22 Mar 2021 FX week ahead: Disorderly sell-off in Treasuries still stalk the FX market
15 Mar 2021 FX Week ahead: This week’s focus is all on the Fed
08 Mar 2021 FX Week ahead: US Treasuries continue to cause havoc and chaos
01 Mar 2021 The question is will the Fed intervene in to mitigate the bond sell off?
22 Feb 2021 Fed’s Powell has his work cut out for him…
15 Feb 2021 FX Week ahead: Biden, Benjamins & Stimulus
08 Feb 2021 US CPI will likely be the main highlight of the week
01 Feb 2021 After a week of stock volatility, market fundamentals will drive direction
25 Jan 2021 Biden’s ambitious stimulus package to drive direction for the week

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