International Money Transfer Solutions for Apparel Industry

Last Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Canada's apparel and accessory industry is a key part of its economy, generating $34.3 billion in sales. These companies have been adaptable, but face challenges like inflation, high interest rates, supply chain issues, and rising material costs. For businesses involved in international trade, making cross-border payments is a difficult challenge as banks charge high fees driving up the cost of doing business.

Let's take a look at some simple strategies Canadian apparel retailers and businesses can use to protect themselves against currency fluctuations and avoid high money transfer fees. 

To find out more about foreign exchange and global payment solutions for businesses
To find out more about foreign exchange and global payment solutions for businesses

Which countries Canadian apparel businesses may need to send money to?

Canadian apparel businesses and retailers trade with a number of countries. They may need to send money to several key countries, including China, the United States, countries in the Asia Pacific region, Turkey, and Italy. These regions are integral to Canada's apparel and accessories supply chain, providing a range of products from budget-friendly items to high-end fashion and specialty materials.

Foreign exchange risks and challenges for Canadian apparel and accessories industry

Like any sector engaged in international trade, the Canadian apparel and accessories businesses have to deal with a number of currency risks and cross-border payment challenges. These can impact the cost of imports, the competitiveness of exports, and the financial health of businesses.

  • Currency volatility - Currencies fluctuate in value due to a range of factors, including economic data releases, political events, central bank policies, and market sentiment. For Canadian importers, sharp movements in the value of the Canadian dollar against currencies like the Chinese yuan, U.S. dollar, euro, and those of other trading partners can affect the cost of goods sold and profit margins. 
  • Lead time exposure - The time lag between ordering and receiving goods can be considerable. Any currency fluctuations within this period can significantly affect costs for Canadian apparel and accessories businesses. 
  • Transaction risk - This arises when currency exchange rates change between the time a business enters into a contract and the time the transaction is settled. If the Canadian dollar weakens against the currency in which they are invoiced for goods, for instance the yuan, the cost in CAD will increase, leading to reduced margins. 
  • Translation risk - Companies that have operations or subsidiaries in other countries face translation risks when they consolidate their financial statements. If the Canadian dollar appreciates against the currency in which the foreign operations are conducted, it can result in a reduced value of foreign income and assets when converted back to CAD. 

To find out more about foreign exchange and global payment solutions for businesses
To find out more about foreign exchange and global payment solutions for businesses

How can MTFX help Canadian apparel businesses to mitigate FX risk

MTFX specializes in foreign exchange and international payments and offers a range of services that can help Canadian apparel and accessories businesses manage and mitigate the foreign exchange risks and challenges. Here’s how MTFX could assist your business:

  • Best exchange rates: MTFX provides highly competitive exchange rates which can help Canadian businesses save money on currency exchange rates as compared to traditional banks. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with large transactions for imports. 
  • Forward contracts: To protect against the risk of currency fluctuations, MTFX offers forward contracts that allow businesses to lock in an exchange rate for a future date. This can help ensure predictability in costs and revenue. 
  • Market orders: Businesses can set target exchange rates at which they wish to exchange currency. MTFX closely monitors the markets and executes the currency trade when those target rates are reached. 
  • Multi-currency accounts: MTFX also provides multi-currency accounts, enabling you to hold, pay, and receive funds in multiple currencies. This can help in managing currency risk by allowing you to convert currencies at more favorable times. 
  • 24/7 customer service: MTFX provides round-the-clock access to customer care personnel who understand the market offering insights and advice on currency trends and international payment processes.

Partner with MTFX to expand your business

Canadian apparel and accessories businesses face significant foreign exchange risks and international money transfer challenges. You have to address these issues effectively through strategic partnerships with specialized financial service providers like MTFX. By offering competitive exchange rates, risk management tools such as forward contracts, market orders, and expert currency advice, MTFX plays a crucial role in empowering you to stabilize costs, safeguard profits, and capitalize on international market opportunities.

With the right approach to managing foreign exchange risk, Canadian apparel and accessories businesses can focus on scaling their operations and maintaining their competitive edge in the global marketplace.

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