How to Convert Canadian Dollars To Hungarian Forints?

How to Convert Canadian Dollars To Hungarian Forints?
Last Updated: 28 Mar 2023

Skipping the bank and using a specialist provider to convert your Canadian dollars to Hungarian Forints is a money-saving decision that offers convenience and simplicity.

In recent times, the exchange rate for the Hungarian Forint experienced a sharp and rapid weakening mainly due to the increasing cost of energy imports and high inflation.

The Hungarian government had to take emergency action by hiking interest rates¹ to boost the value of the Forint. When the Forint weakens against the Canadian dollar, it means lower costs for Canadians looking to convert their currency to the Hungarian Forint.

For instance, Canada’s yearly imports² from Hungary are typically well over half a billion dollars, so Canadian businesses can buy goods and services for cheaper from Hungarian suppliers.

When the Forint gains value, one Canadian dollar now buys fewer Hungarian Forints than before. To make the most of your money, it’s essential to find a foreign exchange service that offers the right tools for better certainty over exchange rates.

Why Does the CAD to HUF Exchange Rate Matter?

The Canadian dollar and HungarianForint are both driven by various factors, which causes the CAD - HUF exchange rate to fluctuate.

When the Hungarian Forint depreciates, it’s a good time to transfer CAD to HUF. Even then, you still need to be careful to use a provider that lets you buy forex at the best exchange rates.

Keep in mind the exchange rate you get from your bank is different from the one offered by a currency specialist.

This difference is not caused by market fluctuations. Instead, it’s simply because your bank adds a markup to the market price of the Hungarian currency.

In contrast, a currency specialist like MTFX offers the real rate. This ensures you get more foreign currency for your Canadian dollars, so this is a crucial aspect you won’t want to overlook.

Need to buy Hungarian Forint? Use the MTFX rate calculator to determine how many Canadian dollars you’ll need to buy the selected foreign currency amount.

Where to Exchange Canadian Dollars to Hungarian Forints?

Figuring out which service to use to send money from Canada to Hungary requires you to consider several factors.

Based on these factors, a specialist provider like MTFX is more cost-effective and efficient. Here’s why this option is better than using your bank.

  • Competitive exchange rates. A specialist provider is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for the cheapest way to send money to Hungary. You’ll get the mid-market or real rate, unlike banks that offer less than competitive exchange rates because of markups.
  • Low transfer fees. You can also avoid paying huge fees by switching to an international payments specialist. Specialist providers like MTFX typically trade large volumes of currency, so they can work on smaller margins to save you money.
  • Foreign exchange tools. A foreign exchange specialist will also provide expert currency tools, such as forward contracts and market tools, to help you navigate fluctuating FX markets.
  • Personalized guidance. You might need assistance to send money online to Hungary. With MTFX, you get access to expert guidance from dedicated currency specialists to ensure a quick and easy transfer.

Transferring Canadian Dollars to Hungarian Forints Online

Changing Canadian dollars to HungarianForints is one of the many ways to take advantage of technological advancements and make life easier.

Sending money to Hungary with MTFX online is quick, easy, and can be broken down into three simple steps.

  1. Log in to your online account or create a new account for free as a business or individual.
  2. You can check live exchange rates, fund your account via bank transfer or bill payment, and set up your international payment.
  3. Make your payment and track your transfer online.

How Long Does it Take to Transfer CAD to HUF Online?

You can expect your recipient to get the money within 24-48 hours when transferring your Canadian dollars to a Hungarian bank account with MTFX.

Express payments are also available if your recipient would rather have the money on the same day. In any case, we’ll keep you in the loop by letting you track your transfer online.

	CAD to HUF Conversion

Is it Safe to Convert Canadian Dollars to Hungarian Forints Online?

Keeping your money secure is an important factor to consider – one that MTFX prioritizes very carefully.

We are regulated by Fintrac and have been in business for more than a quarter of a century, long enough to develop a reputation as a reliable FX and global payment provider.

As a result, you can trust MTFX to move your money safely using secure protocols.

Convert Canadian Dollars to Hungarian Forints Today

Whatever your reason for converting Canadian dollars to Hungarian Forints, MTFX can help you make your money count more.

You get competitive exchange rates, low, transparent fees, plus the tools and expert guidance to make your money go further with every currency conversion.

Open an account today to convert your Canadian dollars to Hungarian Forints and save with great exchange rates and low transfer fees.

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