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02 Feb 2023 The USD has Broken to New Lows for the Year After FOMC
01 Feb 2023 Everything Pointing to a 25bp Hike by the Fed
31 Jan 2023 FX Market Volatility Likely to Remain Today’s Theme
25 Jan 2023 BoC Likely to Deliver its Last 25bps Hike Today
24 Jan 2023 Bank of Canada Meets Tomorrow; Expect a 25bp Hike
19 Jan 2023 Economic Data Continues to Plague the Greenback
18 Jan 2023 US Retail Sales to Drive Market Direction
13 Jan 2023 Soft US Consumer Sentiment and Softening Inflation Should also Keep the Dollar on the Back Foot
12 Jan 2023 FX Markets Today See One of the Most Highly Awaited Data Points of the Month - US CPI
10 Jan 2023 FX Markets Trade with Cautious Optimism that the Fed will Ease Interest Rates in 2023
06 Jan 2023 US and Canadian Jobs Data Out Today - USD Expected to Extend Gains
05 Jan 2023 FOMC barely Moves FX Markets, Jobs Data Ahead
04 Jan 2023 Wild Ride for the USD/CAD Yesterday; FOMC Minutes Out Today
16 Dec 2022 Volatility Picking Up in FX Markets
14 Dec 2022 USD Soft Ahead of FOMC Announcement
13 Dec 2022 US CPI ahead FOMC tomorrow
09 Dec 2022 USD/CAD Poised to Test 1.37
08 Dec 2022 Risks Points Toward a Weaker Canadian Dollar
07 Dec 2022 BoC Rate Meeting Today; Expect a 50bp Hike
02 Dec 2022 US and Canadian Employment Data
01 Dec 2022 Market Overreaction to Powell’s Comment? USD 1% Lower this Morning
30 Nov 2022 CAD Continues to Weaken- Worst G10 FX performer
29 Nov 2022 Today’s Canadian GDP should prompt a 50bp Hike in December
25 Nov 2022 Holiday Trading Conditions and Light Data Calendar
24 Nov 2022 US Thanksgiving; Expect a Significant Drop in Liquidity
23 Nov 2022 Today, it's all about the Fed Minutes
22 Nov 2022 USD in Recovery Mode; Canadian Retail Sales on Tap
17 Nov 2022 Canadian Unchanged, Expect a 50bp Rate Hike
16 Nov 2022 Canadian Inflation Data to Drive USD/CAD Direction
15 Nov 2022 US Lower Again this Morning
10 Nov 2022 US CPI to Drive Market Direction
08 Nov 2022 Today's Market Focus will be on the US Mid-Term Elections
04 Nov 2022 US and Canada Both Published Jobs Reports This Morning
03 Nov 2022 Fed: Higher rates for longer
02 Nov 2022 Its FOMC Day
01 Nov 2022 Markets preparing for tomorrow’s FOMC meeting
28 Oct 2022 US GDP In Focus Today
27 Oct 2022 Stock Markets And Risk Appetite Remain Main Drivers For The Canadian Dollar
26 Oct 2022 BoC Rate Decision Today Expect a 4.00% Policy Rate Today
25 Oct 2022 USD/CAD Rangebound Ahead Of Tomorrow’s BoC Announcement
21 Oct 2022 Canada Reports Retail Sales This Morning
19 Oct 2022 Today’s Canadian Inflation Likely To Drive BoC Interest Rate Decision
18 Oct 2022 USD Correction Likely Short Lived
14 Oct 2022 The CAD Has Lost Some Grip On The USD
13 Oct 2022 US CPI Likely A Major Market Mover This Morning
12 Oct 2022 CAD Weakness Expected To Continue
06 Oct 2022 USD Downtrend Appears To Be Running Out Of Steam
05 Oct 2022 USD Bull Market Here To Stay
28 Sep 2022 US Dollar Showing No Sign Of Weakness
27 Sep 2022 Wild Ride To Start The Week
23 Sep 2022 FX Markets Calm After Volatile Week
22 Sep 2022 Fed Set To Hike A Further 100-125bp This Year, This All Points To An Even Stronger Dollar
21 Sep 2022 75bp Fed Hike Likely To Keep The USD Supported
20 Sep 2022 USD Near Year Highs Ahead Of FOMC
16 Sep 2022 USD/CAD Trading At A 2 Year High Of Almost 1.33
15 Sep 2022 Big Data Day Likely To Keep USD Supported
13 Sep 2022 US CPI Data A Key Risk Event For The Greenback
07 Sep 2022 Bank of Canada Set to Raise Rates this Morning
30 Aug 2022 It Is Hard To Fight Against Dollar Strength
26 Aug 2022 Jerome Powell & Jackson Hole Pivotal Event Risk for Markets
25 Aug 2022 Fedspeak and initial jobless claims to drive direction
24 Aug 2022 FX Quiet Ahead Of Jackson Hole
23 Aug 2022 US Dollar continues to strengthen
18 Aug 2022 Dollar strength set to continue
18 Aug 2022 FOMC minutes keeps the greenback supported
17 Aug 2022 Greenback remains supported into FOMC minutes
16 Aug 2022 Focus on Canadian Inflation data
12 Aug 2022 Greenback Downside Momentum Unlikely To Continue
11 Aug 2022 USD Correction Looks Limited After Yesterday’s Soft Inflation Data
10 Aug 2022 All Eyes On US CPI
09 Aug 2022 Temporary Calm As Volatility Sinks
05 Aug 2022 All Eyes On US And Canadian Jobs Data
04 Aug 2022 Thin And Quiet Trading Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Jobs Data
29 Jul 2022 There Isn't Much Room Left For The USD To Weaken
28 Jul 2022 The Soft Dollar Trend Won’t Last Long
27 Jul 2022 How much will the Fed hike rates today- 50, 75 or 100 bps?
26 Jul 2022 Some calm before the Fed?
21 Jul 2022 ECB Rate Decision In Focus
20 Jul 2022 Canada’s Inflation Numbers Expected To Accelerate In June
19 Jul 2022 The USD Continues To Fall
15 Jul 2022 US Dollar positioned to soar over the coming weeks
14 Jul 2022 BoC went big with a 100bp rate increase
07 Jul 2022 June FOMC minutes remain hawkish
06 Jul 2022 USD at new highs against most majors amid slowdown fears
29 Jun 2022 FX Markets: Temporary Calm
28 Jun 2022 CAD extends recovery against the USD
24 Jun 2022 Fed/BoC forecasts remain
22 Jun 2022 Canadian inflation expected to accelerate
21 Jun 2022 FX Markets calmer to start the day
17 Jun 2022 Greenback Continues to Remain Supported
15 Jun 2022 75bps hike by the Fed today
15 Jun 2022 75bps hike by the Fed today (1)
14 Jun 2022 100 bp hike for the Fed tomorrow?
08 Jun 2022 The CAD hasn't moved too far from yesterday's highs against the USD
07 Jun 2022 The CAD retains a firm undertone
03 Jun 2022 Markets remain a jumbled mess!
02 Jun 2022 Bank of Canada hikes by 50bp and maybe ready to hit the accelerator
01 Jun 2022 Expect 50bp hike by the BoC today, but 75bp is possible
31 May 2022 CAD strengthens ahead of tomorrow’s BoC
27 May 2022 USD likely to rebound in the week’s ahead
26 May 2022 FOMC minutes continue to keep the dollar supported
25 May 2022 US driven by risk sentiment; downside risk remains small
20 May 2022 USD rally pauses advance as markets consolidate
19 May 2022 Fed policy tightening suggesting tackling inflation
18 May 2022 CAD inflation data unlikely to affect BoC policy expectations
17 May 2022 Fed on course to tighten rates above 3% into next year
13 May 2022 Another short-lived USD correction?
12 May 2022 Another perfect storm brewing; wild markets persist
11 May 2022 US inflation on tap today; Fed likely to maintain tightening cycle
10 May 2022 USD continues to shine amid equity sell-off
10 May 2022 USD continues to shine amid equity sell-off (1)
06 May 2022 CAD outperformance could tentatively resume over the USD
05 May 2022 USD corrects lower after FOMC interest rate hike
04 May 2022 Investors remain wary ahead of the FOMC decision today
28 Apr 2022 USD continues its boom, close to highest trade-weighted levels since 2002
27 Apr 2022 Volatility and uncertainty continues to drive the USD higher
26 Apr 2022 FX volatility continues to dominate
22 Apr 2022 CAD trading above 1.2650 “kneejerk reaction” to Macklem’s comments
21 Apr 2022 Canadian dollar soars on stronger than expected inflation
19 Apr 2022 USD continues its reign over FX markets with possible further upside
14 Apr 2022 BoC goes up a gear with a 50bp rate hike
13 Apr 2022 50bp from Bank of Canada today
08 Apr 2022 Canadian Jobs Data in focus
07 Apr 2022 Fed and BoC likely to raise
06 Apr 2022 rapid pace for interest rate hikes
05 Apr 2022 mixed dollar’s performance
01 Apr 2022 Payrolls to support 50bp Fed hikes
31 Mar 2022 US Release Of Oil Reserves
30 Mar 2022 Dollar remains cheap against most currencies
29 Mar 2022 USD Undervalued Against Most Of Its Peers
25 Mar 2022 Q1-2022 Foreign Exchange Outlook
24 Mar 2022 Russia's requests  unfriendly pay in RUB
23 Mar 2022 Fed 50bp rate hike speculation
22 Mar 2022 Canadian Dollar May Strengthen A Bit More
18 Mar 2022 Canadian long term fundamentals suggest loonie strength
17 Mar 2022 Fed raises rates
16 Mar 2022 Fed may hike 25bp today more inflationary pressures in Canada
15 Mar 2022 Tomorrow’s Fed announcement
11 Mar 2022 USD remains the safe haven of G10 FX
10 Mar 2022 Markets More Optimistic | De-escalation In Ukraine
09 Mar 2022 energy prices look to remain high
08 Mar 2022 Greenback continues to strengthen
04 Mar 2022 USD update headline nonfarm payroll figure
03 Mar 2022 BoC sticks to script raising rates by 25bp
02 Mar 2022 Canadian Dollar Update BoC Interest Rate Decision
01 Mar 2022 CAD USD update | Currencies are up | downside risks persist
25 Feb 2022 Currency Updates | FX Calmer
24 Feb 2022 Currency Update | Russia & Ukraine Conflict
23 Feb 2022 Markets Are Calm Ukraine Escalation
18 Feb 2022 Russia-Ukraine tensions Question Answer
17 Feb 2022 Russia-Ukraine tensions key driver for markets
16 Feb 2022 Ukraine, Fed minutes and Canadian inflation
15 Feb 2022 Ukraine tensions continue to simmer
10 Feb 2022 US inflation expected to accelerate
09 Feb 2022 Tomorrow's US CPI 25bp or 50bp rate hike in March
08 Feb 2022 BoC’s tightening plans January’s jobs data
04 Feb 2022 US and Canadian employment reports
03 Feb 2022 USD soft patch likely to remain temporary
02 Feb 2022 BoC Governor fuel speculation 50bp move in March
01 Feb 2022 Fed and BoC tightening major role in currency
28 Jan 2022 Global asset markets calmer US 4Q ECI
27 Jan 2022 High inflation FOMC and BoC consider rate hikes
26 Jan 2022 BoC & FOMC decision currency market volatility
25 Jan 2022 Geopolitics and the FOMC driving the greenback higher
21 Jan 2022 The USD is benefitting from Fed tightening prospects and safe-haven demand
20 Jan 2022 Canadian outperformance expected to continue
19 Jan 2022 Loonie continues to hold its ground, ahead of inflation data
14 Jan 2022 usd weakness seems transitory; possible reversal ahead!
13 Jan 2022 USD/CAD trading below 1.25
12 Jan 2022 Inflation at 7 percent in the US
11 Jan 2022 Its all about Powell today
07 Jan 2022 U.S. and Canadian Job Numbers Take Centre Stage
06 Jan 2022 Fed minutes offer fresh support to the dollar
05 Jan 2022 FOMC minutes and US ADP to drive direction today
23 Dec 2021 Heavy data day ahead of the Christmas break
22 Dec 2021 Omicron; booster jabs and inflation
21 Dec 2021 FX markets likely to be thin as we enter holiday season
17 Dec 2021 USD likely to remain strong into the year end
16 Dec 2021 Fed turns more hawkish; USD likely to reverse losses
15 Dec 2021 FOMC Statement and New Economic Projections Out Today
14 Dec 2021 FX on hold ahead to Fed
10 Dec 2021 USD set for another rally as Inflation set to rise again
09 Dec 2021 USD decline doesn’t have legs CAD positioned to appreciate
08 Dec 2021 BoC meeting expect a limited market reaction
07 Dec 2021 USD directionless; BoC to tread carefully tomorrow
03 Dec 2021 Its all about US and Canadian employment data
02 Dec 2021 A big 24 hours in the FX market | volatility ahead
01 Dec 2021 Fed’s Powell + Omicron rock the market
30 Nov 2021 New Covid strain causes havoc on FX markets
26 Nov 2021 Market sentiment has been hit
25 Nov 2021 USD continues rally
24 Nov 2021 Greenback remain strong ahead of Thanksgiving
23 Nov 2021 Greenback roars ahead CAD continues to weaken
19 Nov 2021 Canadian retail sales will be in focus today
18 Nov 2021 Greenback continues to enjoy recent highs
17 Nov 2021 USD momentum builds CAD CPI on deck
12 Nov 2021 The Greenback Seems Poised to Dominate Again
10 Nov 2021 Could US inflation actually come in above 6%
05 Nov 2021 US and Canadian Payrolls out this morning
04 Nov 2021 Fed triggered tapering USD holding on to gains
03 Nov 2021 highlight of today's session will be FOMC statement
29 Oct 2021 Month end reports from Canada and US to provide direction
28 Oct 2021 BoC Sets Hawkish Tone Look for the Loonie to Rally
27 Oct 2021 BoC Rate Decision CAD in Play Today
26 Oct 2021 US Dollar on Firmer Ground in a Mostly Quiet Day on the Calendar
01 Jan 0001 Central bankers: the low inflation regime is a thing of the past
01 Jan 0001 The US dollar continues dominance ahead of the Fed

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