With MTFX you Gain Access to +100 Currencies Across 140 Countries

With MTFX you Gain Access to +100 Currencies Across 140 Countries
Last Updated: 17 Mar 2021

If you are an importer or exporter who sells your products and services all around the globe, managing a supply chain that encompasses many jurisdictions comes with its challenges. With an ever-evolving economic landscape and having to manage different country regulations, currency transactions, and integrations in various payment schemes, the complexities of running a business in today’s climate is no easy feat.

Every business requires strategic foreign exchange risk management and financial planning strategy encompassing many different elements to ensure your international business needs are achieved while at the same time protecting your cash flow. What is your pricing strategy? How do you efficiently establish your cross-border payroll? What solutions do you have in place for foreign exchange currency risk? For all of the above, MTFX is your answer.

Implement Local In-Country Payment Solutions with Access to 100+ Currencies

Working with a third-party platform provider that offers local in-country payment solutions across multiple currencies can give you greater visibility and control over your business's cash flow while at the same time, saving your business the fees that banks and FX providers charge for the maintenance of foreign-denominated accounts.

Not only can you reduce your businesses FX exposure by gaining the ability to make payments and hold funds in multi-currency accounts that you can access any time, 24/7, but working with next-generation solutions from fintech leaders in the space, like MTFX, can enable direct integration of these solutions into your businesses ERP system, removing all the manual reconciliation work that is normally required to balance and record your overseas business transactions.

MTFX’s local in-country payment solution provides your business access to multiple global payment solutions & schemes across +100 different currencies, including exotic, to help grow your business across borders. This solution facilitates, through API automation, the generation of your payables as well as the settlement of your overseas business payments all in one easy-to-use portal so you can keep track of your cash flow.

Treasury Management for Cash Flow Certainty

At MTFX your business gains access to a secure all-in-one online portal to manage your digital payments business. Within this portal you can view all your domestic and international transactions, currency balances across a multitude of currencies, payment statuses, and incoming funds data, giving you a full 360 view of your business operations all around the globe.

With our innovative treasury management tools, you have access to live rates that are guaranteed to beat the bank, the ability to schedule spot payments or forward contracts anytime, can view transfer data and payment confirmations, and can view or download business and finance reports around the clock.

At MTFX our team of market experts has been dedicated to our customer's success with over 25 years of foreign exchange and risk management experience. We service our clients with end-to-end multilingual customer support and online payment tracking capabilities that are available 24/7. As a proven payment disruptor in the industry, our team will create a risk management strategy specifically designed for the business that will give you access to our network of global partnerships so you can grow your business across any border.

Our Platform can Help you Grow your Profits

Learn more about how our third-party payment platform can help you retain your local customers and expand your business globally. Contact us and we will show you how our foreign exchange currency risk management and local in-country payment solutions can protect as well as increase your cash flow.

Register your account  with MTFX today to gain access to 100+ currencies across 140 countries. 

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