MTFX Offers Exciting Global Payment Solutions for Businesses

MTFX Offers Exciting Global Payment Solutions for Businesses

Discover how to cut costs on forex transfers, streamline international payments, and more ways to save money and make money with an MTFX business account.

Whether yours is a small business, medium business, multinational or online store, there are always ways to escalate your savings. For instance, by opening an MTFX business account and using it to transfer money internationally, you can unlock more value for your money. 

This is in contrast to bank transfers which erode the value of your money with poor exchange rate and high transfer fees. In a numbers-driven world, you should expect to hear business language like "competitive exchange rates," "low transfer fees" and "currency risk management."

This is precisely what MTFX offers and more. Here's what's on the table.

Secure International Payments

MTFX offers an easy, fast and cost-effective way to send secure international payments.

Today, geographic borders are no longer a barrier to exchanging goods and services. You can also eliminate significant cost barriers using your MTFX online business portal to transfer funds internationally. The process is convenient and secure, whether you're paying overseas suppliers or transferring money to your staff overseas.

With our custom global payment solutions, you can expedite all your overseas transactions. The quick and easy transfers mean you can save time and focus more on core business matters. You also get to save money with our competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees. 

Since time is money, you'll gain much more by skipping the bank and maximizing the efficiency of your cross-border payments processes.

Versatile Multi-Currency Accounts

When doing business internationally, you need the flexibility a multi-currency account brings. At MTFX, we help you keep track of various exchange rates that matter to your transactions. An MTFX multi-currency account allows you to maintain a balance in multiple currencies. 

For instance, you can hold US Dollars, Euros, Pounds and other foreign currency funds relevant to your business. This instantly eliminates the hassle of opening and managing foreign bank accounts. Instead, you get a better deal that allows you to tap into overseas opportunities in a way that makes financial sense. 

Our multi-currency account supports your business by reducing transaction costs and protecting against forex volatility. You'll appreciate the convenience, simplicity and speed that enable you to go "international" and stay versatile.

Improved Control and Visibility 

The FX marketplace can seem pretty wild with constant fluctuations and foreign exchange risk around every corner. The excellent news is that MTFX protects your business from market volatility while allowing for better currency risk management.

You can leverage a forward contract to target your desired rate and lock it in place for future exchanges. With market orders, you must set your preferred amount and currency for your business. Then, we will execute your order immediately once the market aligns with your terms.

Clear and 24/7 visibility in the marketplace means you can control your downside risk and keep a tight rein on your cash flow.

Better Management of Your International Revenue

Are you an online seller looking to increase your international revenue? Your MTFX business account is your all-in-one gateway to the online global marketplace. MTFX provides easy access to its partners and market leaders, allowing you to capitalize on various revenue channels. 

You can easily manage your international revenue in one place and this will transform the way your business works and transacts. As an online seller, the ultimate goal is to boost profitability, so it's good that our rates are better than your bank. The convenience is unmatched, too, since you can set up regular payments via our automated technologies and customize your transactions to get more bang for your foreign exchange buck.

All-In-One-Place-Batch Payments

Do you deal in high-volume international transfers? MTFX has a batch payments solution to meet your needs. This all-in-one solution allows you to easily upload multiple payment batches in various currencies. MTFX can deliver your transfers in the right amount to the right people at the right time.

How does this work? First, you upload and validate your payment instructions. Next, you receive and review your quote. Then you approve and send to make your payments in a single batch. The process ensures payment control and accuracy so you can grow your business without strenuous effort. 

Easy Incoming Payments 

MTFX offers a simple and secure two-way street for all your international payments. That means you can not only send money, but you can also receive foreign exchange payments in a way that meets local expectations. We provide your business with the ability to improve customer experience by offering various payment options.

You can keep your customers happy by allowing them to pay in local currency. In turn, we will keep your business happy using our automated technologies to streamline your receivable processes and support growth. 24/7 accessibility and an all-in-one dedicated online portal mean that the complexities of overseas payments have gone the way of the dinosaur.

Valuable Market Insights

As a business, it pays to be smart and strategic with your international money transfers. MTFX makes this possible with a wide range of handy FX tools.

  • Rate calculator – The MTFX live currency rate calculator lets you view exchange rates in real-time. Hence, you can make an informed decision when initiating your transfer.
  • Currency charts – You can view current and historical charts for various currency pairs if you want to monitor market trends.
  • Currency rates alert – Stay informed whenever a specific currency pair reaches your desired rate.
  • Historical currency exchange rates – With this tool, you can quickly review past market movements and analyze rate trends for your target currencies.
  • Foreign exchange market updates – MTFX helps you transact confidently with foreign exchange market updates that keep you abreast of significant developments.
Get the best exchange rates with MTFX

Send Money for Your Business Internationally – How it Works?

If you are ready to start making international transfers the easy way, create a business account with MTFX within five minutes. This is a simple and quick process where an MTFX member will guide you to complete the setup. You can then send your funds after entering the crucial details, such as your recipient's bank name and address. 

MTFX will take over from there to securely deliver your funds to your recipient within 1-2 business days. It's fast, efficient and convenient, and you get to save money with bank-beating rates for every transaction. 

Register your account with MTFX today to start enjoying exciting global payments solutions for your business.

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