How to Convert Your Canadian Dollars to Swiss Francs?

How to Convert Your Canadian Dollars to Swiss Francs?
Last Updated: 02 Mar 2024

Moving money to Switzerland? Find out everything you need to know about how to convert and transfer Canadian dollar to Swiss Franc (CAD to CHF).

Switzerland ranks high as one of the best places for you and your money to be. The country is known for its majestic mountain and lake sceneries, beautiful clocks and watches, impressive ski slopes, and delicious chocolate and cheese.

The Swiss franc is a proven safe-haven currency, known for its stability and relatively low volatility compared to other currencies.

This matters for those who need to send money to pay for merchandise imports, a Swiss university education, a destination wedding in the Alps, the Swiss Golden Visa Program, or any other worthwhile investment.

If you need to pay money into a CHF bank account for any reason, your transfer will be worth more if you look for the best CAD/CHF exchange rates. So use this guide to discover how to convert your Canadian dollars to Swiss francs and save where you can.

How much is a CHF to a Canadian Dollar?

The first thing most people want to know when exchanging CAD for Swiss franc is how much value they will get. Here are some quick answers to some questions you may have:

  • What is the currency used in Switzerland? – The Swiss franc (CHF) is the official currency used in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is one of the most stable currencies in the world.
  • How much is a Swiss franc to a Canadian dollar? – The Swiss franc is stronger than the Canadian dollar, so you will need more dollars to buy CHF. One way is to find out the conversion rate of 1 CAD to Swiss franc and then multiply it with the amount you are looking to convert.
  • What is the CAD - CHF exchange rate today? – The best way to find out the value of the Swiss franc against the CAD in real-time is by using the MTFX rate calculator.
  • What can affect the CAD to Swiss franc exchange rate? – Canada and Switzerland use floating exchange rates, meaning both the CAD and CHF are driven by the market forces of supply and demand. These market forces are related to trade, investment, tourism, and geopolitical risk.

What is the current exchange rate from CAD to CHF?

The current exchange rate from Canadian Dollars (CAD) to Swiss Francs (CHF) is always on the move. This rate is a general estimation and can vary slightly depending on the source and time of the day due to market fluctuations. For the most accurate and up-to-date rates, it's recommended to check with a reliable financial news source or use MTFX's currency conversion tool for real-time accurate rates.

Canadian dollar to Swiss franc rate alerts

If you are looking for real-time CHF CAD exchange rates for international money transfer, the best way is to use MTFX's Canadian dollar to CHF rate calculator. You can also use this tool to set up CHF CAD rate alerts by selecting the "Notify me on desired rate" option. The tool also provides you with a live chart so you can take a look at CAD CHF exchange rate trends over time.

CAD to CHF exchange rate calculator

For your CAD to CHF money transfer, it's important to ensure you are getting the best rate. Check out the CAD/CHF rate using MTFX's currency converter for CAD to CHF. The rates are calculated based on mid-market rates. Understanding past trends in the CAD/CHF exchange rate can provide insights into potential future movements. MTFX also provides historical currency fluctuation rates, which can be a valuable resource for planning your transactions.

By staying informed and utilizing tools, you can optimize your CAD to CHF currency exchanges, potentially saving money and reducing risk in the process. Always consider consulting with a financial expert to tailor these strategies to your specific needs and circumstances.

When is the best time to convert Canadian Dollars to Swiss francs?

The value of the Canadian dollar and Swiss franc changes daily. This is normal when currencies float freely against each other. However, it also means that you rarely get the same amount when you exchange currency – sometimes it’s more, and sometimes less.

For your international money transfer, the best time to convert Canadian dollars to Swiss francs is when your beneficiary gets more franc for your Canadian dollar. Since exchange rate fluctuations are difficult to predict, you can lock in a great rate as soon as you find one or wait for a better rate.

With MTFX, you’ll have plenty of options for finding the most competitive exchange rates. We offer a wide range of FX tools, including currency charts, rate alerts, forward contracts, and market orders.

Furthermore, we are known for our transparency in international money transfers, ensuring that you have visibility into the exchange rate you receive.

There are no surprises because it’s always the mid-market rate, which is typically 3-5% lower than the banks. So regardless of when you send money abroad, you can save money on currency exchange by not overpaying your bank.

How to send money from Canada to Switzerland?

Follow these simple steps when sending money to a Switzerland bank account:

  1. Register your free account with MTFX or log in.
  2. Select the currency and amount.
  3. Book a great rate, make the payment, and we'll do the rest.

Knowing how to send money to Switzerland is not enough. You need to find the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to do it. Luckily, MTFX’s online platform is accessible 24/7 from anywhere, so you can transfer money at the touch of a button.

You can also set up regular payments, monitor live exchange rates, fund your account via bank transfer or bill payment, and send transfers in 100+ currencies.

Is converting CAD to CHF safe?

Security is always a crucial factor when moving money. That’s why MTFX’s online platform is 100% secure to protect all your regular and large-sum international money transfers.

MTFX is regulated by FINTRAC, and we have invested in enhanced security and technology for safer and more secure transfers. As such, you can transact with confidence, as others have been doing for over 27 years.


How long does it take to send Canadian Dollars to Swiss francs?

An online foreign exchange service like MTFX can move your money quickly and reliably better than your bank. Standard transfers typically take one to two business days, with the option of same-day transfers for express payments.

Once you set up your account, you can make transfers 24/7 without the hassle of banking queues, delays, and manual paperwork.

CAD to CHF finance tips for businesses

When you want to convert CAD to CHF, make sure you take the following financial tips into consideration:

Monitor exchange rates: Currency values fluctuate frequently. Keep an eye on the CAD to CHF exchange rate to find a favorable time to exchange.

Understand market trends: Be aware of factors that influence the forex market, such as economic indicators, political events, and market sentiment, as they can affect exchange rates.

Consider transfer fees: When transferring money, check for any hidden fees or charges that may apply, as these can affect the amount received after conversion.

Hedge against currency risk: If you have significant exposure to currency exchange rates (e.g., investments or property purchases), consider financial instruments like options or forwards to hedge against adverse movements in the exchange rate.

Plan ahead for large transactions: For significant currency exchanges, planning ahead can allow you to take advantage of rate fluctuations by splitting the transaction into smaller amounts over time.

Consult with experts: If unsure about the best time to make a currency exchange or how to hedge against risk, consider consulting with a financial advisor or currency specialist like MTFX.

Transfer Canadian Dollars to Swiss francs today

MTFX offers the best way to send money to Switzerland, whether you are exchanging currency for business or personal matters. With competitive exchange rates, low transfer fees, and expert guidance, you are always confident you’re getting more for your money on every transaction.

Open an account today to transfer money from Canadian dollars to Swiss francs with MTFX.




1. What is the current exchange rate from CAD to CHF?

The exchange rate from Canadian Dollars (CAD) to Swiss Francs (CHF) can vary based on market conditions. For the most current rate, it's recommended to check with reliable financial news sources or use MTFX online currency converter.

2. When is the best time to convert CAD to CHF?

Timing currency conversions can be challenging due to market volatility. It's often best to monitor market trends and consider converting when the CAD is strong against the CHF or when economic indicators suggest favorable conditions. Currency specialists may provide guidance based on current market analyses.

3. Is it safe to convert CAD to CHF online?

Converting currency online is generally safe when using reputable financial institutions or currency exchange services. Ensure the website is secure (look for "https" in the URL and a lock icon) and check for customer reviews or ratings to assess reliability.

4. How much will it cost to convert CAD to CHF?

The cost can vary depending on the service provider's fees and the exchange rate margin they apply. Some providers offer competitive rates with low or no fees, while others may include a service charge. Always confirm the total cost before completing a transaction.

5. Can I track the CAD to CHF exchange rate over time?

Yes, many financial websites and currency conversion tools offer features to track and analyze historical exchange rate data, helping you to identify trends and potentially forecast future rate movements.

6. Can I convert CAD to CHF through my bank?

Yes, most banks offer currency conversion services. However, compare their rates and fees with those of specialized currency exchange services, as banks usually offer inflated rates that include their profit margin.

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