MTFX Launches Paymytuition and Offers a Refreshing Alternative to International Tuition Payments


TORONTO, March 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- MTFX Group of Companies, a leader in corporate foreign exchange and global payments announced the launch of its educational institution payment platform Paymytuition.  The Paymytuition payment platform has been running in test phase over the last several months and is now available to educational institutions across North America. "We are delighted to add the educational institution space to the growing list of verticals we already service.  We look forward to servicing the educational vertical by doing what we do best which is offering "high-tech, high-touch" solutions at a fraction of the cost of our competitors," said MTFX's Chief Market Strategist Arif Harji.

"We were surprised to see the pain points educational institutions face when processing their international payments.  Educational institutions continue to contend with unidentified and missing payments, manual reconciliation processes, and cumbersome time-consuming payment processes for their international students," Harji said of conversations with numerous educational institutions revealing their pain points.

Harji explained that MTFX has developed a customized payment solution truly focused on the education industry that focuses on speed, cost, visibility, integration and compliance. Paymytuition offers students and schools complete visibility of the payment process at significantly better currency exchange rates than banks and competitors.

Next generation technology, a global banking network built over 20+ years, a stellar reputation in the market, a high level of personal service for both students and administrators, and our continued push for progress and innovation should propel MTFX's Paymytuition as a market leader.  

MTFX leverages and integrates its global banking networks along with its leading-edge technology to provide unmatched solutions for foreign exchange and global payments in just about every business category.

About MTFX Group of Companies

Since its inception in 1996, MTFX Group of Companies has grown to become a leading provider of global payments and currency risk management solutions. With more than 8,000 clients internationally, MTFX is a market leader in providing hedging and risk management products driven by next generation technology and platforms.

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