MTFX Inc. Wins 2022 Prestigious Business Excellence Award For High Quality & Service


Premier Business Association, The Markham Board Of Trade, Recognizes MTFX for superior customer service for this year's awards.

MARKHAM, ON, CANADA, November 29, 2022MTFX recently crossed a significant milestone after receiving a prestigious business excellence award for high quality and service. The esteemed recognition came from the Markham Board of Trade (MBT), Markham's premier business association when it announced recipients of the 32nd annual Business Excellence Awards.

"Congratulations to the 2022 High Quality and Service award recipient, MTFX. Inc," said the Association in a recently released video and on Twitter. "Founded over 25 years ago, foreign exchange provider, MTFX's solid foundation rests on two simple business practices – fantastic value on every transaction and superior customer service," the Association elaborated. The Markham Board of Trade further highlighted MTFX's dedication to putting clients first, always.

The Business Excellence Awards in the City of Markham represent a heartfelt recognition that honours deserving businesses and entrepreneurs for their passion and innovation. In particular, the High Quality and Service award showcases MTFX's everlasting commitment to retaining customer loyalty while evolving its ambitious business model. There are several brains behind the purely digital money transfer operator.

Sabrina Savji is the VP of Corporate Foreign Exchange at MTFX, a position she recently acquired in February 2022. "This year, I will be heading into my 4th year working with MTFX. Over the years, I have stepped outside my comfort zone, and I'm ready to tackle new challenges," she said at that time. A few months down the line, Sabrina's impressive entrepreneurial spirit finally paid off. As a foreign exchange and global payments specialist with years of experience, Sabrina Savji continues helping MTFX strengthen its brand value and win loyalty and trust from customers through transparent and reliable service.

Similarly, Arif Harji, Chief Market Strategist at MTFX, brings a diverse assortment of specialties to the table, including fintech, foreign exchange, business transformation, sales leadership, and business development. With over 20 years under his belt, Arif epitomises excellent customer service. "As the Chief Market Strategist at MTFX, I focus on developing FX risk management and cash management strategies for corporate clients," said Arif Harji. "I work directly and successfully with clients to manage currency risks, thanks to my extensive experience in the industry."

MTFX comprises several other carefully appointed and talented individuals that have transformed the service into a huge attractor for accolades, like the Markham Board Of Trade's High Quality and Service Award. Learn more about this award here.

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