MTFX Encourages Canadians to Skip the Bank and Save Big on International Money Transfers

Skip the bank line

MTFX helps Canadians reap the rewards of ditching the bank by cutting the cost of international money transfers.

ONTARIO, CANADA, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --

MTFX, the international payments service available to Canadian individuals and businesses, today announced its continued commitment to beat the banks when it comes to exchange rates and transfer fees. This is welcome news in a consumer world where savings are increasingly essential and value-for-money deals reign supreme. MTFX's online platform is accessible 24/7, making it even easier for Canadians to skip the bank when sending money abroad.

Research data shows that Canadian remitters send billions of dollars each year. As is to be expected, some of this money is lost due to foreign exchange conversions. Common reasons for sending money across the border include buying overseas property, mortgage payments for property abroad, sending money to family and friends and paying for overseas travel, destination wedding or tuition fees. Whatever the reason for sending money internationally, it's critical for Canadians who are savings-minded to avoid banks and consider better ways to transfer funds abroad and reduce conversion costs.

"There are many reasons why Canadians can realize more savings using MTFX instead of their own bank," said Sabrina Savji, VP Corporate Foreign Exchange MTFX. "We offer currency exchange rates 3-5% better than what Canadian banks offer. As a dedicated currency specialist, we have a laser focus on the market and more room to pass on savings to clients. Additionally, we offer risk management solutions like forward contracts, market orders, rate alert services and more to ensure the best value for money. Our clients usually save hundreds of dollars per transfer, though the savings can easily run into the thousands for larger transfers."

As if the promise of more savings isn't enough, MTFX's service has various features that make for an irresistible offer. The MTFX online platform is available round the clock and is easily accessible from any device around the globe. It's powered by industry-leading automated technologies to enable users to complete transfers with a few clicks and the touch of a button. MTFX further sweetens the pot with personalized support from dedicated currency specialists and access to a live currency rate calculator, currency charts and other helpful foreign exchange tools. MTFX provides services to both individuals and businesses.

Canadians who need to send money in foreign currency abroad are invited to explore this cost-effective international transfer method here:

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