Rev Up your Online Payment Power with MTFX's Payment Integration


At MTFX our goal is to help you retain your local customers while at the same time supporting the expansion of your business into international markets.

With MTFX Online we can manage all your payments needs with a completely automated all-in-one solution incorporating innovative international payment processing technologies, effective risk management tools and strategies, and solutions that instantly streamline the management of your beneficiary data and information, no matter what country you are doing business in.

MTFX Online is an easy-to-use, secure, and fast payments platform, that removes processing errors, eliminates all manual intervention traditionally laid upon your staff and erases the additional costs and fees your business pays when working with a traditional offering.

5 Ways MTFX Online Will Rev Up your Online Payment Power

1. Fast Transfers with Competitive Rates that are Guaranteed to Beat the Bank

Banks usually have less competitive foreign currency exchange rates. They employ what is known as the mid-market rate in trading with other banks. The mid-market rate is not a rate they disclose or offer to customers.

At MTFX, due to our over 25 years of experience in the market building our network, we can offer better than mid-market rates to our customers across +140 different countries. The speed and ease of use of our money transfer solutions allow our customers to settle money faster while saving up to 5% compared to what the banks can offer, ensuring that payments to your cross-border suppliers and customers arrive on time, freeing up business capital.

2. Access to Next-Generation Innovative Technologies that are Industry Firsts

MTFX’s innovative solutions for both international and domestic payments are the firsts in the category and enable customers the ability to grow their transaction volume. MTFX’s technologies, power by AI, machine learning, and biometrics reduce the number of payment failures, which result from inaccurate data input.

Our payment solutions offer choice and flexibility for customers and enable them the ability to accept many different payment types from their customers as well as offering vendor preferred payment types like; pre-authorized debits, wires, EFT’s, credit cards, and also enable customers with next-generation digital payment solutions like mobile wallet payments through a simple API integration that banks and other third-party providers can’t offer.

Our innovative tech solutions are one of the only in the market that remove the need for manual intervention or payment reconciliation with an all-in-one solution set that has direct international payment integration into businesses' ERP and AR systems.

3. Taking the Challenges Out of the Opening and Managing Foreign Bank Accounts

was built to save your business money on overseas transfers while providing you low exchange rates and transfer options for every type of business. Our team of market experts reduces your business's exposure and improves your cash flow by having the ability to make payments and hold funds in local currencies that you can access at any time 24/7.

MTFX can enable your business the ability to open and hold money in domestic multi-currency accounts across multiple currency types, removing the complexity of trying to open and manage multiple bank accounts across borders.

4. FX Risk Management Strategies to Keep your Cash Flow Safe

Managing exposure to FX currency fluctuations is an additional level of due diligence any business owner needs to practice. Your cash flow is the lifeblood of your business and you need to protect it from unfavorable shifts in FX exchange.

MTFX has developed superior risk management solutions and hedging tools including Forward contracts and market orders that are customized for businesses of all sizes. We offer more competitive global pricing for your business to leverage so you can ensure you are making payment transfers when foreign exchange rates are optimal.

5. Safe, Reliable, and Compliant Money Transfers

On top of this, at MTFX we take compliance seriously. Our Policies and verification procedures for KYC, fraud, sanction screening, and anti-money laundering activities are icon-clad and surpass industry standards.

Our next-generation technologies provide our customers with bank-level security to ensure that your overseas business is safe and protected so you can focus on growing your business across the globe.

Our Platform can Help Protect your Overseas Cash Flow.

Learn more about how a third-party payment platform can help you retain your local customers and expand your international business. Contact one of our market experts at MTFX and we will show you how foreign exchange currency risk management can protect your business while increasing profits.

Open an account today with MTFX. Register in less than five minutes and unlock competitive rates and low fees for long-term savings.

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