Buying Property in Ireland: A Guide for Canadians

Buying Property in Ireland: A Guide for Canadians
Cobh, Ireland
Last Updated: 28 May 2024

Thinking of buying a vacation home in Ireland? As you dream of rolling green hills and historic castles, it's crucial to consider the nuts and bolts of purchasing property overseas, particularly the financial aspects like international payments and foreign exchange. The process involves selecting your perfect Irish retreat and managing your funds across currencies. Exchange rates can significantly affect the overall cost of your property and the timing of your purchase. Efficiently managing these money transfers is key to paying a fair price and keeping your budget on track. Let’s dive into what you need to know to make your property purchase in Ireland smooth and stress-free.

Reasons to buy property in Ireland as a Canadian

For Canadians looking to invest abroad, buy a second home, or even relocate, Ireland offers a compelling mix of beauty, stability, and cultural wealth that is hard to match.

Scenic beauty: Ireland is renowned for its stunning landscapes, from dramatic coastlines to lush green countryside. Owning property here allows you to enjoy diverse natural beauty and vibrant local cultures.

Strong property market: Ireland's real estate market has been robust, with steady asset value appreciation in many areas, making it a sound investment opportunity.

Cultural and historical richness: Ireland is steeped in history and culture, offering a rich tapestry of experiences from ancient castles to modern arts and literature scenes.

Favourable residency options: While buying property in Ireland does not automatically grant residency rights, it can be a step toward establishing residency through various visa programs, which can be an attractive option for those looking to spend extended periods in the country.

English-speaking: As an English-speaking country, Ireland offers ease of communication for Canadians, making the transition smoother for those buying property or relocating.

Proximity to Europe: Owning property in Ireland can be a gateway to exploring the rest of Europe, thanks to its geographical position and excellent air and sea connections.

Quality of life: Ireland frequently scores high on global quality of life indexes, with its welcoming communities, good healthcare and education systems, and lower crime rates than other regions.

Investment Potential: The Irish government has incentives for foreign investors and property owners, including tax reliefs and potential rental yields, especially in urban areas.

Best places to buy property in Ireland

The following locations offer a mix of urban and rural lifestyles, catering to diverse needs whether you're looking for bustling city life, historical towns, or scenic retreats. Each area has its character and advantages, depending on your lifestyle preferences and investment goals.

Dublin: As the capital and largest city of Ireland, Dublin is the hub of economic activity, culture, and education. It's an ideal location for those looking for urban living with all amenities at hand and high rental demand.

Cork: Known as the "Real Capital" by locals, Cork offers a blend of cultural richness and modern amenities with a more relaxed pace of life compared to Dublin. It is also close to scenic landscapes like the Wild Atlantic Way.

Galway: Famous for its vibrant arts scene and youthful energy, thanks to its large student population, Galway is a culturally rich city with a strong community feel, nestled on the west coast of Ireland.

Limerick: With significant investment in infrastructure and regeneration in recent years, Limerick is becoming an increasingly popular choice for property buyers. It offers value for money and a strategic location near Shannon Airport.

Killarney: Known for its stunning natural beauty, Killarney is surrounded by lakes and national parks, making it perfect for those looking for picturesque landscapes and outdoor activities.

Kilkenny: This medieval town offers a deep historical ambiance, with well-preserved castles and cathedrals. It's a smaller and more manageable town compared to the bustling cities.

Wexford: Located in the "sunny southeast," Wexford is known for having some of the best weather in Ireland and offers a mix of beaches and a relaxed lifestyle.

Waterford: As Ireland's oldest city, Waterford offers a rich history and modern living. It's also part of the sunny southeast, known for its vibrant arts scene and beautiful coastline.

What do I need when buying property in Ireland as a Canadian?

These steps outline the essential requirements and processes involved in purchasing property in Ireland as a Canadian. Engaging with professionals who understand both local and international real estate practices is crucial for a successful transaction.

Tax number: Obtain an Irish Personal Public Service Number (PPS Number) necessary for tax and legal transactions.

Bank account: Opening a local bank account in Ireland can facilitate transactions such as paying deposits and handling ongoing property expenses.

Legal representation: Hire a solicitor experienced in Irish property law to guide you through the legal processes, including contract review, property checks, and the transfer of deeds.

Property survey: Conduct a property survey to assess the property's condition and ensure there are no hidden issues.

Mortgage: If you need financing, you may apply for a mortgage in Ireland. Be prepared to provide proof of income and undergo a credit check.

Deposit: You'll typically need to pay a deposit once your offer on a property is accepted. This is usually 10% of the purchase price.

Contract signing: This involves signing the contract and paying the purchase price balance. Your solicitor will guide you through this process.

Property registration: Register the property with the Land Registry or the Registry of Deeds in Ireland to legally confirm your ownership.

Insurance: Obtain property insurance as required to protect your new investment.

Currency exchange: Consider the impact of currency exchange rates between CAD and EUR, as fluctuations can significantly affect the total cost of your purchase. Utilizing a reliable currency exchange service can mitigate some of these risks.

Steps for Canadians buying a property in Ireland

Each of these steps involves specific legal and financial considerations. Working with professionals experienced in Irish and international property transactions can provide valuable guidance and help avoid potential pitfalls.

Step 1 - Obtain a PPS number: Before proceeding with a property purchase in Ireland, you'll need a Personal Public Service (PPS) Number, which is essential for all tax and legal matters.

Step 2 - Hire a solicitor: Engage a solicitor in Ireland who specializes in property law. This professional will guide you through the legal processes, including drafting and reviewing contracts.

Step 3 - Open a local bank account: Although not mandatory, having a local Irish bank account can facilitate transactions, including transferring deposit and mortgage payments more efficiently.

Step 4 - Find the right property: Decide on the property type and location. Consider visiting the properties and exploring different areas to understand the local market better.

Step 5 - Arrange a property viewing and survey: Once you find a property, arrange a viewing. It’s also advisable to have a property survey conducted to check for structural issues and ensure the property is in good condition.

Step 6 - Make an offer: If you decide to purchase, your solicitor will submit an offer on your behalf. Once accepted, you will enter formal negotiations and agree on a sale price.

Step 7 - Sign the contract: Once your offer is accepted, you'll sign a contract and pay a deposit, typically 10% of the purchase price. Your solicitor will check the contract details before you sign.

Step 8 - Complete the sale: After the mortgage approval and final checks, you will complete the sale. This involves signing the remaining legal documents and paying the purchase price balance.

Step 9 - Register the property: Your solicitor will help register the property in your name either with the Land Registry or the Registry of Deeds, depending on the property.

Step 10 - Manage currency exchange: Be aware of the exchange rate between Canadian dollars and euros throughout the buying process. Currency fluctuations can impact the total cost of your property purchase, so consider using financial services that offer competitive exchange rates and lower fees for international transfers.

Step 11 - Property tax and insurance: Set up your local property tax (LPT) payments and obtain property insurance as required.

Why exchange rates matter when purchasing property in Ireland?

Exchange rates are a crucial consideration for Canadians buying property in Ireland due to the need to convert Canadian dollars (CAD) to euros (EUR), the currency used in Ireland. Here’s why understanding and managing exchange rates is important:

Impact on the purchase price

The exchange rate directly affects how much you pay for the property in your home currency. A weak Canadian dollar relative to the euro means you’ll pay more CAD for the same property value in EUR. Conversely, a strong CAD can make the purchase more affordable.

Timing of transactions

Fluctuations in the exchange rate can occur frequently, sometimes even daily. Timing your currency exchange to coincide with favourable rates can yield significant savings. For large transactions like property purchases, even small differences in the exchange rate can result in substantial monetary impacts.

Ongoing costs

Beyond the initial purchase, owning property abroad involves additional costs such as property taxes, maintenance, and possibly mortgage payments in euros. The exchange rate will continue to affect the cost of these expenses when converted back to CAD.

Future sale

Should you decide to sell the property, the return on your investment will also be affected by the exchange rate at the time of sale. If the euro strengthens against the CAD by the time you sell, your gains in CAD could be higher, and vice versa.

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Efficient money transfers: With MTFX, you can expect swift and efficient money transfers, ensuring that payments for your property, whether for deposit or final purchase, are timely and secure, helping you meet critical payment deadlines with ease.

Expert financial guidance: MTadvisesice on the best times to exchange and transfer funds based on current market conditions. This guidance can be invaluable in maximizing your investment and saving money.

Tailored solutions: Understanding that each buyer’s needs are unique, MTFX offers tailored solutions that fit your specific requirements for international transactions, making the process smoother and more customized.



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