Outgoing Payments

Transfer funds in 100+ currencies to over 140 countries globally.
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We make international payments to almost anywhere in the world

We can help you transform your international payment processes and optimize cash flow while reducing costs and eliminating errors.

Outgoing payments – global payment reach

Global payment reach

We support payments to over 200+ countries, in over 120+ different currencies all at extremely competitive foreign exchange rates. Our payment solutions allow you to take control of your outgoing payments.

Outgoing payments – manage payments 24/7

Manage payments 24/7

Make payments anytime of the day. Lock-in rates for overnight payments and take advantage of favourable rates. Track and trace payments with instant notifications.

Outgoing payments – reduce costs

Reduce costs

We keep it simple - deliver on time, every time. We offer competitive exchange rates and have no hidden costs, ensuring that you get the most from your international payments.

Outgoing payments – increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

No more manual entry of data. Remove the hassle out of making payments and eliminate errors through online features that prevent payment errors, validate data, and securely transfers funds globally.

Outgoing payments – ask our experts

Ask our experts

Although our online presence is vast, our team of experts haven't lost that classic touch. Our team of solution experts, supported by leading-edge technology coupled with our extensive selection of products and services can help transform your payment processes.

Live Currency Rates

Outgoing payments

3 Easy Steps

Step 1 – upload


Upload files from your accounting or ERP system and let us convert them into payment instructions for you.

Step 2 – quote


Get live currency exchange quotes and send funds from your bank account in seconds.

Step 3 – approve


Approve all payments in a single run and gain maximum control with real time payment tracking and reporting functionality.