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Transfer funds in 100+ currencies to over 140 countries globally.
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Direct access to live rates - convenient and available 24/7

Make payments online, all the time, at great currency exchange rates and no transfer fees. Whether you need to convert currency, send international payments overseas, or receive international currency payments, our online platform makes it simple and easy.

Online platform – fast cross border payments

Fast cross border payments

Send payments online, anytime, to your chosen beneficiary in seconds.

Online platform – reduce uncertainty

Reduce uncertainty

Lock-in your preferred exchange rate and protect against currency fluctuation and market volatility.

Online platform – multi-currency accounts

Multi-currency accounts

Collect foreign currency receivables in 25+ currencies and transfer funds you have pre-bought from one simple online account.

Online platform – batch payments simplified

Batch payments simplified

Make timely, accurate payments with no need for manual data entry or record keeping. Generate automated reports and track payments online.

Online platform – protect your funds from risk

Protect your funds from risk

Secure your cash flow against adverse market movements by using forward contracts and market orders to manage currency exposure.

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