Incoming Payments

Transfer funds in 100+ currencies to over 140 countries globally.
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Receive payments in foreign currencies

Simplify your accounts receivable process and eliminate any barriers of overseas banking. All the while increasing your competitive advantage by offering your customers payment options in their local currencies, making it easier to do business with you.

Incoming payments – rate alerts

Rate alerts

Set rate alerts to target your ideal exchange rate and improve your bottom line. It’s a great way to save money.

Incoming payments – 24/7 management

24/7 management

Our all-in-one payment portal allows for 24/7 access, transparent pricing, multiple payment and settlement options and awesome customer support.

Incoming payments – receipt notifications

Receipt notifications

Receive notifications on receipt of incoming payments so you're always informed on every payment and the availability of your funds.

Incoming payments – payment options

Give customers payment options

Offer convenient payment options to your customers that will allow them to pay in their local currency. Receive funds with ease while avoiding the complexities of opening and managing foreign bank accounts.

Incoming payments – simplify reconciliation

Simplify reconciliation

Automate your accounts receivable process. Receive notifications on receipt of incoming payments, reconcile every payment online, and upload it to your accounting system as paid. That's it - simple, effective and streamlined.

Incoming payments – reduce costs

Reduce costs

Improve your bottom line by taking advantage of transparent exchange rates before deciding whether to convert or hold foreign currency funds for future use.

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