Risk Management: Forward Contracts

Transfer funds in 100+ currencies to over 140 countries globally.
* Last 3 months of data

Guarantee the cost of your payables despite market volatility

Don't be at the mercy of the currency market! Lock-in today's rate for a future date and ensure predictable cash flow. Forward contracts allow you to lock-in exchange rates today and apply them to future transactions.

Forward contracts – guaranteed rates

Guaranteed rates

Forward contracts lets you secure today’s rate for future requirements regardless of any market volatility between the time your rate is locked in and when you need it delivered.

Forward contracts – forecast with certainty

Forecast with certainty

Manage your currency exchange rates for future payments so that you can forecast expenses accurately and manage profit margins.

Forward contracts – increase control

Increase control

Forward contracts provide absolute protection from volatile and unpredictable currency movements. You can lock-in an exchange rate for up to one year without having to commit cash flow to buying currency in advance.

Forward contracts – flexible currency deliveries

Flexible currency deliveries

We tailor forward contracts to give you the flexibility to draw your funds or extend expiry dates, allowing you to strengthen your business' profitability.

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